Tuesday, April 18, 2006

up-coming event info

If you are going to Galway and or Moorpark, it's time for entries.... www.useventing.com has an online omnibus. ALSO www.evententries.com is the best and easiest way to fill out entries, you'll wonder why you ever hand wrote entries after using this site a few times.
Galway goers.... I have a tack room reserved, so make sure to bring some bridle hooks and saddle racks, I might be looking for some grooming help that weekend.... any takers?
Moorpark riders; the pipe pens are fine IF your horse is friendly next door to others IF not then reserve a regular stall (these are VERY limited so enter now)

Makers Mark photos

Thanks Aunty Liz ----- Havarah's own super vet and great friend that is one of the best photographer's around!!!! I love these shots of Makers Mark at the Easter Ram Tap and thought I'd share them :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

XC schoolings

We lucked out and had terrific weather (and footing!!!) at Connie Arthur’s last weekend, I think I can speak for the group and say we all had a blast! I really like Connie’s for the nice introduction to XC in a calm relaxed environment. I would like to set up another trip over there and want to run a few dates by everyone and get feed-back as to what would work.

May 6-7

May 20-21

May 27-28 (this is also the weekend of Woodside)

June 17-18

AS for recognized horse trials we are planning on trips to Galway May 13-14th (this show has a schooling day for dressage tests and sj rounds on Friday); and also Moorpark, June 3-4th. Let me know which ones, if either, you would like to participate in so I can best help you get there. I’ll also be letting you know about un-recognized events as they come about and fit into the schedule.