Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So much!

I had a great trip to California and then it's been non-stop since I got back! My California girls, Rosella and Jestine made the big trek across the country and arrived (with healthy horses!) this last Thursday. Welcome ladies!

The babies at the race farm have been all in full work getting ready for their future racing careers at their respective track. This has been a great conditioning work-out for me, usually a good 6 horses every morning getting a full gallop.

Charly has been going great, lots of work for us prepping for his first Intermediate run this coming weekend at Groton House in Hamilton, Mass.

I posted a picture of my new "Maryland" family as well as a picture of the Chesapeake Bay at Sunset.

Monday, June 04, 2007

First win of the season!

Charly brought home the blue this last weekend competing Preliminary at the Waredaca HT! A lovely consistent dressage test (with an 8 on his reinback..this used to be a huge issue!) gave him a second place start with a 29.6 then he gave me a double clean show jumping round and a great smooth cross country. Have I said lately how much I love this horse! :)

We had a lengthy period between this show and his last so that we could bring his fitness level way up, it looks like he's fit and ready to go!