Monday, September 30, 2013

Wicked Elegance has found herself a dancing partner!

Wicked Elegance aka "Ellie" came to MK Equestrian in the summer of 2012.  Her then owners, the Weavers, realized that they had a super talented mare hanging out in their field. As true horse lovers they felt this talented New Forest TB cross deserved a chance to see what she could do.  

The Weavers were great and gave Ellie the time she needed to gain the understanding of the mental and physical side of being a competition horse.  Ellie came with us to Aiken where she got to have her start at eventing and we realized this was the sport for her.  BN was so simple for her she quickly moved to novice and in fact I had to stop myself from schooling too many preliminary xc jumps!

Fast forward to now.... Ellie's plan all along was to see if she liked eventing and if so to get her set up with someone that she could call her very own.  

Ellie's someone is a lovely girl named Danae Snyder.  

Danae is a C2 pony clubber who got her riding start by dominating the pony hunter and equitation worlds... she then got hooked into eventing and I can see that her and Ellie are already a great pair. Whether they do jumpers, Pony Club, eventing, dressage or just enjoy some lovely hacks in the woods, these two are just absolutely an adorable match.

As you can see Danae is a dog lover... no wonder I like this girl!

(Ellie from one of her first events in Aiken)

MK Equestrian is super excited to watch these two along their path!

New faces at MK Equestrian!!

I'd like to welcome a few new members of the MK Equestrian crew!  As with any working student program these two new girls will partake in many aspects of the game; hopefully they will enjoy the excitement of the competitions enough to get through the daily process of getting there.  If they end up like really "getting" this horse training thing they'll realize partaking in the small miracles that happen each day is the best part of the sport.  Here's to early mornings, long days and hopefully some laughs along the way!!

Madee Bailey
This girl has been riding her entire life and is no stranger to horses as her mother is in charge of a buggy riding business! Originally from Connecticut, she's now a Lampeter Srasbourg student but has decided to study online for the year. This will enable her to work with us on a full time schedule and come with us to Aiken to start off her 2014 season.  So far she fits in quite well; she loves dogs - hers are named Sheila and Dixie.  Madee is currently training up an OTTB named Highland.

Claire Cooper:

At 22 Claire is a recent graduate of University of Delaware- she majored in Agriculture and Natural Resources as well as Animal and Food Science with a minor in History.
Luckily she also likes dogs :)- as a live in working student she got to bring hers with her; Luke the big brown Lab will be an eventing dog legend in no time!

Claire is also working with an OTTB named Tom the Builder.  When she's not grooming or riding she can be found with a BIG camera getting some beautiful photos.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ready to compete? Need a horse?

I'd like to highlight 3 horses that we have for sale right now- each of these horses are talented, fun and most importantly READY to go.  This is just a few of what we have to offer so please email to find out more about these horses and the others we have available.

This is an experienced training level event horse AND he ground ties.  What more could you want :)
Good bone, good feet, SOUND.  16.3 hand 11 years young gelding. Lovely movement, and a super honest jumper.  Has some hunt experience. MUST SELL NOW --- priced to move as we have too many horses.

AZRAEL aka Kevin

Solid dressage career with championships at 1st level and schooling at 2nd and some 3rd level.  However, his heart is really as an eventer/jumper.  January of 2013 marked Kevin's start of his new career and he's an avid pupil.  He's already won at novice and is schooling training level.  This horse has JUMP. Talented and brave... looking for someone to be his partner in his chosen field- his owner would like to stay a dressage rider! 16.3 hand bay gelding 10 years old.  Big boned, great feet and SOUND.

Kynynmont's Cassidy
CUTE cute cute.  Or should I say fun fun fun!  You may have heard about our Kynynmont horses- they have now spread across the country competing with their new owners; California, Arizona, Kentucky, Illinois and now Virginia - just to name a few!  These horses have good brains, great feet and a whole lot of jump.  This one is no different.
Cassidy is quite experienced at the novice level and not too far off of training level eventing--- and with the right rider there is plenty more in store for her.  I'm thinking NAYRC one day! This girl has movement, a cat like jump and plenty of stamina.  Kind as can be to work with on the ground, a true lady. At 14.1 hands this Conn/TB cross can out jump most horses.

Please inquire about these 3 or others we have to offer at
We are based in Kirkwood, PA until late January and then will be in Aiken, SC for 2 months.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kynynmont's Eminently Irish heads to Virginia!

A huge congratulation goes to Sophie Horn!

Sophie is now Kynynmont's Eminently Irish's new rider and owner.  Any of you who have met Emily well know what a sweet, kind and athletic Connemara cross mare she is.  I can assure you that Emily has met her match and now has a super sweet, smart and athletic young rider.  What a team they will make!

"Sophie is so excited about acquiring Emily - Sophie immediately bonded with Emily the moment she "met" her - there was a instant synergy between them. After trying nearly 20 talented horses, Sophie instinctively knew that Emily was the one for her; she had no doubt about it. They will enjoy much happiness and success together."  - Susanne Horn

At only 14 years old this young lady already has quite the passion for eventing.  Sophie has some great instruction behind her; being in the Loudon Hunt Pony Club and working with Lynn Symansky.  I can not wait to hear about all the fun Emily and Sophie are sure to have in the coming years.

Many thanks in advance to Lynn Symansky and the Horn family for taking such great care of Miss Emily, she sure will be missed!