Monday, January 28, 2013

MK Equestrian is in AIKEN !!!

MK Equestrian has arrived!  Aiken 2013 is in full swing :)

ok, actually we are in full un-packing mode!!  

A few small details couldn't keep us from getting out of PA before this last winter mix rolled in on Monday.  After 13+ years of fabulous travels with my Exiss 4 horse slant load I decided it was time to acquire a trailer that would allow us some different options and be a little more user friendly for the east coast events.  So after searching for what seems like a decade I found a used 5 horse head to head in really good shape.  Of course by the time everything worked out it only left us one day to pack for 14 horses... yikes is right.

The crew took this challenge on with big smiles, nothing would hold us back!  Then of course the morning of leave, one of the trucks was a little un-happy with the cold; minor details still not keeping us  in PA a storm was coming and we needed to LEAVE!!!

Caravan one hit the road around 6am after fixing the no start cold truck issue.  Then we had a wonderful group of friends help load up the second set.  These lucky horses traveled is super style and comfort on Keith Coopers new rig "TRIXIE".  Keith is a great horseman - this guy is a professional hauler and I feel very lucky that we were able to fit in on his schedule.  All the horses were kept in just the right temperature and watched diligently on the trip- I've never had them arrive in such great shape when hauled by a company.  Check out and friend Keith!

Husband of the year drove with me so we could hit this adventure head on together.  For awhile I thought maybe I could make this a yearly companion trip, then after 11 hours of driving I sort of went off course and added another half hour to the trip.  Hopefully Bryce will have amnesia of this trip when I ask him to come next year!

Today was a 90% successful first day.  TONS of un-packing was achieved- horses had their first romp out in the sun and all came in with the same number of shoes they left with - and husband of the year was loaded onto his plane home (I only say this was successful because last year I managed to help him miss his flight!)  Bummer of the day is the new trailer seems to be stuck on the truck.  After many lost hours of frustration we gave up and decided that it may need it's first and hopefully last trip to the Aiken trailer doctor.

If that's the only doctor visited by anyone of MK Equestrian this year in Aiken then I'll say we had a pretty great 2013 Aiken season!

Finally, yes, you've read right... "MK Equestrian" it is :)  I will always want my business to be composed of my "Havariem" but as a Kinnamon now I decided it was time to show off the name a bit.

Check out the site, we have our current sales list of horses up-dated and will be doing more web up-dates soon!

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Eventing.... a lifestyle of change

Winter has been nothing close to dull for myself and the Havarah crew.  I've decided that if you're going to be a professional eventer you better get used to a lot of change all the time!

Getting married a few months ago was a big adventure and one that I gladly accepted with open arms... but I'll tell you the amount of paperwork that has needed to get done afterwards (for the girl that is, Bryce has not needed any of this I'm pretty sure!) has kept me quite occupied.  Then there's the Bubba saga- this is nothing to complain about but for those that really know me will understand when I say letting go of my big white Ford Powerstroke was a challenge.  "Bubba" has been with me since my super fun trip to NAYRC summer of '98 with big time Heather Morris and her Rebel Express and my Sweet William.  Bubba endured a lot of white hair from my beloved Quigley and then helped raise Baby Clyde. Horse after horse he hauled north and south up and down California and then trucked out east so Havarah's Charly and I could try out all that the east coast has to offer.  13+ years old and 240,000 miles later, I decided it was time to not move up but yet move over to "Bessie, the bad ass Dodge".  This new Havarah team member is pretty slick and I just hope that someone buys a horse soon!  Technology has definitely advanced in the last decade and it's pretty exciting to press that Jake brake as I set off down the road with the horse trailer.

Along with all of this "fun stuff", we've been dealing with a little change in the barn.  As many of you have heard Miss Maddie, our Prelim 14 year old, has decided to be a school kid again and go get educated.  Just after that we sent out beloved wobbly wobbin (Robyn) off back to college so she can also get educated.  Many event trainers out there try to encourage good riders to only focus on riding.  I understand that to be the best you need complete dedication; however, I think that nothing is more important than an education and try hard to remind that girls of that.  Having said that, these two young ladies were a big part of our daily process and we miss them very much!  Luckily Hannah has finished her high school education through home school and has kindly stood by our side and keeps guiding new peeps into the hows, whys, do's and dont's of Havarah.  Lindsay Kohl and Melissa Haines have stepped up to the plate in a big way and I'd like to say that we are rolling right along in a pretty smooth fashion :)

Just as we start to get in a sync.... its time for some more change!  Aiken here we come January 27th.  I've decided to try out a new facility this year that will hopefully help streamline our program and give us more time for horse training and xc schooling!  We will be closer to Gibbes Farm which is definitely the best xc schooling around, I really cant wait!  So this means its time for some hauling organization, hay transportation or ????, packing, lists, packing, more lists, and yes..... competition planning for 2013!

OF course that brings about more change.  We have a few horses in the line up that have never competed and will be looking to try it out this winter and a few others that are hoping for some successful move ups.  Havarah is growing and moving and ever changing... my new years resolution is to get you guys more info of all types- better website material and more sales information, pictures, video's etc... Phew, I'm tired just thinking of all of that :)

I hope you are all getting some winter fun in- as we speak Bryce and I just finished our 3rd day snowboarding in Vermont.  This is the 3rd year we've come up this way and so far we are 3 for 3 for getting fresh snow to board on!!!  Who said east coast was only ice (west coast friends I'm happy to take a year off of Vermont and head out west to check this rumor out next year!)