Monday, September 20, 2010

Havarah's Charly @ Plantation

Photos curtosey of Dr. Berkowitz THANK YOU!!!!

They say that a "good feeling" is better than any ribbon. After this last weekend I more than ever agree with that! I feel like I've "got" my big time horse back, Charly feels great, the most obedient he's ever been yet as powerful and ready as ever. We were plagued with a "20" in the xc, I can't say that I'm not disapointed or worried about that this close to Fair Hill... but I know my horse and I think we can get past this.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BIG NEWS- welcome "Principia Farm"

This year seems to be full of learning, opportunities and growth. I'm extremely happy to say that today a wonderful family from California bought the farm I was leasing. Havarah Equestrian is now at home at "Principia Farm". Andrew, Allison and Sophie Hulme are the new owners- They will continue to reside in California until Sophie has completed her High School studies. Until then I will only have a few weeks each year to introduce all of my favorite east coast people to this great family.

Pricipia formorly known as "Inspo" will greatly miss Bill and Belinda Wertman. Belinda has agreed to come and visit the farm while giving dressage clinics, and I'm sure every once in awhile we might get Bill Wertman to show up as well :) Hopefully! Bill and Belinda brought along fabulous dressage horses and made many wonderful partnerships during their life here at the Pennsylvania farm. They now will be residing at their new farm in Florida- so be sure to check it out on your visits south.

At Principia I strive to bring along the same quality sport horses for competition and sales. Kara Flood will stay to manage the 40 acre facility, Rob will continue with the daily cleaning and farm care and am looking for one more employee to help out with chores and grooming. My trusty working student Hannah will soon be getting joined with another California girl named Molly, so I'm sure Hannah will have her hands full teaching the "new girl"!

I can't wait to see what the future holds at Prinicia, please follow along and visit often!

Monday, September 13, 2010

September 11th 2010 A BIG DAY :)

In Pennsylvania the weather was perfect, blue skies and a need for a sweat shirt in the morning. For the first time since I've moved to the east coast, my business grew big enough to need two trailers to go to an event. Havarah Equestrian took 5 horses to compete at Fair Hill and sent one very deserving student down to Georgia to compete at the American Eventing Championships.

At Fair Hill I rode a very handsome gelding named Rivan (owned by Pamela Benfield) in his first event. This horse was pure class all day and finished on his dressage score of a 29! I'm looking forward to more events on this horse and helping his owner find him just the right match-

We also had Bryce Kinnamon get back into eventing (first competition in over 20 years!)- fortunately for him he had the ride on a fantastic young horse owned by Dr. Kathleen Anderson. Ankhe Pass just started his formal training a few months back and is truely a horse for the future. Ankhe is for sale, so I'm not sure how long Bryce will get to enjoy his return to eventing, but I think after his fun on Saturday we'll see him around more often :)

Quinn, Hannah and Jennifer all rode their own mounts to wonderful finishes. Two thirds and a second place! All three of these girls have worked hard all summer and it showed in their very polished performances. Hannah has been my full time working student all summer- On behalf of Havarah's Charly and all the rest of the horses at the barn I'd like to tell her how VERY very much we appreciate her genuine kindness and dedication. Hannah has been leasing Dr. Kathleen Anderson's horse "No Worries"- after learning a lifetime of knowledge from this guy Hannah is about ready to take on a new project--- so if you have just the right one - let us know!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!!!!!! AMERICAN EVENTING CHAMPIONSHIPS WINNER IN THE JUNIOR TRAINING...................................................................................................................................................................... MARISSA HUGHES AND ODIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This pair is a sight to see (you can't miss them- Odie is a bay paint and Marissa LOVES lime green) watch out for this duo- I see some stars in their future!

Marissa purchased this Quarter horse as a trail companion and after dabling in a few other riding sports decided to give eventing a try. In the late spring/early summer Marissa and Odie came to take their first lesson with me to "step up their game". Marissa is a true competitor and Odie is a tremendous athlete, I'm blessed to be part of their journey.

I hope that September is just an overall good month--- Havarah's Charly is back in competition at the Plantation Horse Trials on the 17th and 18th - fingers crossed!