Thursday, May 27, 2010

May up-date

I've been waiting for pictures from the Virginia Horse Trials, but have decided the post will have to precede the photos!

Charly and I had our final outing prior to Bromont at the Virginia Horse park- we decided to do an Intermediate HT as a fitness run and a good confidence builder before tackling the toughest challenge of our lives. VA was exactly what we wanted- a good course and good footing. Charly was on his game in all three phases and I really feel like I have so much more trust in him this season than ever before, it's so wonderful to know a horse as well as I know Charly.

Having said all this, I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't the least bit worried heading into Bromont. I have all the faith in the world in Charly and he feels great, but a) I've never taken a horse out of the country and b) Its a THREE STAR!!!

I suppose this is part of the challenge - not letting these things get in my head.

Luckily things at Inspo are keeping me so incredibly busy that there isn't much time to worry. For anyone that's reading this and doesn't already know, this weekend is a HUGE sale at INSPO- household and barn items at rock bottom prices. It's sort of like a fair, hot dogs and everything!

While everyone is shopping I will be waking up at 3:30 am to take the training level horses to Waredaca, one of my favorite events... except for the alarm clock that always gets set to an aweful time when I compete there.

Besides that my holdiay weekend will contain a LOT of riding, galloping Charly, barn stuff, and barn stuff... hopefully I'll find a minute to share with Mr. Bryce on his holdiay weekend..!

Keep posted for some up-dated photos, and definitely stay tuned for a June up-date!

Thursday, May 06, 2010


7 year old OTTB Bay Gelding... Too big for me but could be just right for you!!!

Life @ Inspo...

I've now been at Inspo for over 6 weeks and I dont ever want to leave. The facility has given my horses, my dog and myself great happiness... I even think my city boyfriend enjoys the peace that Inspo has to offer.

Most importantly Havarah's Charly enjoys his view, his pasture, the great indoor and ALL the hacking that he spends a lot of time doing! Charly and I have been ticking away trying to prepare ourselves for our first CCI ***. This involves lots of training on and off the horse and a whole lot of paperwork. There's so much that goes into competing at this level. I'm still in search of a new sponsor/owner to share part in the Minyan syndicate, I know the right person is out there...just a matter of finding them!

The other horses are really coming around in their training and fitness. I've got a new sales horse in I'm excited to start showing to people in the next few weeks. "Ankhe Pass" is a OTTB BUT looks like a WB and moves like one. He is big, so I need to find him a tall person, I'm sure I look pretty funny on this one.

Beaujeste is surprising me all the time, some days he's an arrogant pony that knows how talented he is and other days he's a talented pony that also wants to be a complete gentleman... one thing is always true for him, he's a child prodigy.

Sprite has agreed to our program. Molly riding days means its time to learn, sweat and jump big (training size) and Quinn days means it's time for Sprite to be the teacher and be a "kids pony". We've had to do a little convincing to Sprite that it's not always necessary to show everyone what a phenomenal pony jumper she is. Sprite loves her child (Quinn) and is really starting to respect her needs! They have conquered their first starter event together and the world is their oyster.

Sabrina aka the Queen is doing her best to put up with the other horses in her barn and share her people with them! She is such a lovely ride and I'm thankful for every day I have her, however my time may be coming to an end ... she's getting too good!

I also have a new horse in named Rivan... this one is a big fancy warmblood that wants to learn how to jump. Stay tuned for more info on this big guy!

Thatch aka Willing and Able

Thatch was a horse I sold to one of my long time students in California. Thatch started his life in PA as a racehorse and was taken over by the Allen's with Waterford Farm. I had a short stint in his life by finding him his wonderful new home with Alyssa Hatai. We let Thatch stay on the east coast for the beginning of his eventing career and now he lives with Alyssa on the west coast. They have successful gone from Beginner Novice to Novice in California and will now make the trek to their new home in Oregon. I am very excited for Thatch as I know he'll really appreciate the green grass and hope that he makes the transition a happy one for Alyssa. Good luck guys!