Monday, October 26, 2009

Bittersweet Sunday at Waredaca

On Sunday we had three Havarah horses and riders at Waredaca, and a 1, 2, 3 finish after dressage. Fran Loftus on Pablo was in Novice Masters, Katelyn Jackson with The Weazel in Novice Championships and myself with Beaujeste in novice horse. KJ recieved her lowest score of a 29 and Beaujeste also had his lowest score ever of a 25!

Show jumping went smoothly for all, and the weather was still beautiful! Katelyn was the first out of us on XC and she sailed through, making the tough course look simple.... unfortunately she jumped the wrong water jump and got a Technical Elimination. This will be the last event for Weazel and Katelyn as he now will be looking for a lease rider while Katelyn focuses on her new "big" horse. Beau and I were next out and this wonder pony had a tough time with the footing, he's ready for hind shoes and studs come spring! A few slips and one that caused us to miss a turn to a table left us with a hefty 20 penalties! We were all still very proud of Beau, he has come so far in such a short amount of time. Fran was last out and I have to say she made me quite proud. Her and Pablo had a few second looks, but Pablo is looking like a real event horse for Fran now... and if you saw how wild this horse was you'd know why that's so great!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beaujeste wins at Radnor Horse Trials

As many of you may know Radnor used to hold a premier CCI event. The CCI has closed it's doors but some very wonderful people stepped up and decided to still host a horse trials each year in October. I attended its first year and will hope to keep going to support this beautiful facility. Besides having a pretty scary, murky water jump the event gives you the feeling of a top class event. Good footing, crowds, flags, pretty fences and very green grass.

I rode two lovely horses in the novice division. The Red Baron has taken a few months to work on his strength in his flat work and it definitely paid off as he received a 27! Un-fortunately for the good hearted young horse the crowds in the sj gave him a bit of a spook as did the murky water jump. Besides the two incidences I thought the horse jumped real well and still shows good promise as a solid competitor.

The second horse was Beaujeste, the wonder pony I've been working since spring. Radnor was Beau's 3rd novice and first time to put all the pieces together. Beau loves eventing but is just 4, so he has been getting a bit worried being a lone in dressage. This time, Beau was a big boy and showed all the big horses that he's got it. Beau scored real well in dressage and finished with out any jump faults to win his class. I'm very proud of this little big guy and very excited for his future.