Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Congrats Katelyn and THE Weasel!

Katelyn Jackson and The Weasel, (ok he actually has another name, but this is the one I prefer), finished 2nd in their novice class at Olney! Katelyn has a horse arriving shortly and so her and Weasel have a few important venues left in their career; Fair Hill and the AEC's yet to come! Weasel will then be looking for applications for a leasor to keep him near his current home (or at!) and hopefully stay within the Havarah program. We LOVE the Weazzz!

Here is a picture of them from the CC Fair, in the pouring rain. Thanks Lynn Fern for the great photography and kind soul to stick around in the slop.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Working Student

My great working student, Lauren Billys, is leaving the east coast and resuming college in California. I have a working student position available starting August 10th. If interested please email me at molly@mollyrosin.com