Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What… a horse for Christmas??!!!

Merry Christmas from all at MK Equestrian.  I love this time of the year as it's one of the few times that I have to spend time with family and loved ones.

This year is especially wonderful as I've gotten to be part of 3 wonderful matches.

A big congrats to Kim of New Jersey on her purchase of Toulouse.  Kim rode growing up and took a bit of a break as she finished her studies and started her career.  Tman won the lottery finding Kim; the two of them are a perfect match and make each other so happy.  This makes me happy :)  Best of luck to Tman and Kim… I look forward to visiting every time I get over to Jersey Fresh!

Many of you may know KEVIN and I'm sure you all know our Robyn Weaver…. that's right they are now two peas in a pod.  Can't keep them apart :)  Robyn has brought young horses along her whole life and in 2013 she had her first season being a preliminary competitor.  I think the thrill of the sport has her hooked, I am thrilled to see what 2014 holds in store for Robyn and her new mount Kevin.  Many thanks to Mimi and her husband Allen for breeding and raising Kevin to make this match a possibility!

Last but not least- this was a great Christmas for my husband and myself.  We got a new PUPPY!!!! Nothing better than puppy kisses and puppy play time all day every day… Bryce and I love our Clyde dog so much that we got one of his full brothers.  REEF is looking to be good looking, sweet, and a whole lot of fun.  I'm sure we'll have plenty of pictures posted soon!  

A very MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

RIP Squints aka Ms. Wise and Wonderful

Life has a funny way of reminding you what you should really be thankful for.  My reminder has come through the love and compassion of a feline animal named Squints.

Squints had watched over this farm for her many 20 some ++ years, she knew it better than any other.  She could tell when it was time for fun, when things were serious and most importantly yet she knew the how to deal with grief.

I have many Squints memories and am so thankful for having been allowed the opportunity to have enjoyed this amazing kitty.  One of my favorite memories was when she decided that having always been a barn cat she wanted to try the good life inside. At this point we had just lost our wonderful long companion Quigley and Clyde was a lonely sad puppy.  Squints could tell that Clyde, myself and my loving husband needed a pick me up.  Squints provided plenty of this- she even enjoyed being Clydes nap buddy.  During this time Bryce and I would take Clyde out for walks around the farm trying to get him out of his slump from losing his buddy (or perhaps to get us out of our slump!) - Squints decided she was one of the family and that she would join in on the walks to.  Clyde would dart back and forth and run as fast as he could and there was Squints, a little slow, but steadily following along to join in on the outing.

Squints was here at the farm when it was INSPO and she stayed here as it transitioned into Principia Stables- I think Squints has more stories and more friends than I even dare to try and comprehend.  Please on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day take the time to remember some fond moments you had with MS. Wise and Wonderful Squints.

With much thanks to everyone I am so lucky to have come across and those that I am so thankful to be surrounded with- all of you with your wisdom and kindness are true inspirations to me in so many ways.

Happy Hanukah and Happy Thanksgiving.

RIP Wise and Wonderful Squints.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Calendar is posted.... jealous? We still have room for 1 working student!

In a few days it'll be Thanksgiving.  That means we are less than a month away from Christmas and as soon as we get through New Years Eve its all about packing and prepping for an awesome 2014 Aiken  season!

If you're looking to get some ideas for what you can do in 2014 I have listed all the recognized events that we will be going to through Spring as well as many of the un-recognized.  As we get closer to our competitions we will also add in cross country schoolings to the calendar as well.

MK Equestrian has been heading south for 2 months the last 5 years and I think that 2014 could be one of the best seasons yet.  We have some stellar competitors in the group, some fun up and coming horses and as always super great girls to enjoy the process with.

Here is the link to my websites calendar- this is a provisional calendar, we may not be at all of these events.

We will be spending 8 weeks in Aiken.  If you'd like to join let us know!  Plenty of room for horse and human visitors.
Room for 1 additional working student so contact me soon if you're interested -

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Working Student position available at MK Equestrian

Here at MK Equestrian we promise you one thing.


As with most any working student position ours requires someone who's interested in LEARNING, sweating, working hard and most importantly someone who's dedicated to the well being of our horses.  I like to tailor the working student position to match the needs of the applicants (to the best of my ability).  We have the ability to house a horse and a rider, to offer lessons and or horse training.  To the right applicant a future full time job is definitely a possibility.

We have a long list of past (and present) working students and I'd like to think that each of them walked away with a better understanding of who they are, what they need and hopefully learned a little about riding and horse care in the process.

Our program is about producing happy and healthy horses and confident and relaxed riders.  From that I feel like we have been able to produce good matches in terms of horse sales and some pretty good results at competitions... always a plus!

We train out of Principia Stables in Kirkwood PA for most of the year. This facility, owned by the Hulmes; has 26 stalls, an indoor, outdoor, cross country schooling field, European Walker and access to the amazing Andrews Bridge Hunt land for hacking and fitness.  This facility runs year round but some of us travel south for 2 months to Aiken, SC.  This year we will be working out of the lovely Farmfield Plantation (see previous blog).  We have a group of horses in training, students and a few key mounts that I'm aiming at some upper level fun... this should keep us busy!

If you have interest in joining our team please contact me at - send some information about yourself; your goals, your needs and a few fun facts about you and or your horse!

I'm super excited about my life, my job and OUR horses.... fun times ahead, want in?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

AIKENaikenAiKenAIKENaiken .....AIKEN!!!!

Thats right, this time of year all anyone can talk about, think about, dream about and look forward to is AIKEN :)

Not that I don't thoroughly enjoy some low key fall/winter training but as a true eventer I'm already thinking about what great fun things could be in store for 2014.

MK Equestrian will be training out of Farmfield Plantation this year in Aiken.  We have worked out of a few places in Aiken and something tells me that this will be a facility that we'll be coming back to for many years.  Farmfield Plantation is just a few miles from Full Gallop, Paradise and Sporting Days.  Less than 15 minutes from downtown and it is very accessible to the main freeway to get to Gibbes Farm and Pine Top.

This year it'll be my head girl Hannah Metz with her two mounts Zhen and Mason as well as a new addition to our Aiken squad; Madee and her horse Highland.  I will be bringing Puttin on the Ritz, The Diesel Boy and Bristol Indian.  I hope to line up a good list of sales horses and horses to get ready for clients. This list is still in process so please call or email to put in your requests :)

I'm attaching a few photos of our Aiken training facility- we have access to 24 stalls, lots of turnout, heated wash stalls, 4+ bedrooms and a LOT of hacking!!

Looking forward to catching up with all of my students and owners to develop some short and long term goals for the up-coming seasons.

Monday, November 04, 2013

MK EQUESTRIAN, LLC --- breaking news


A huge thank you to my web-master and husband Bryce Kinnamon, the website is up-dated!

You'll see some exciting new sales horses listed.  Many of these are fairly new to our program, but I know them all well enough to have a solid idea of what type of rider will work best for them.  As always please call or email as I'd love to help place you aboard your next horse, or help place the one you're currently trying to sell.

We have had a wonderful summer; we sold some fabulous horses to absolutely wonderful homes, had some great competitions, learned a lot and we acquired some new students to our program.  I feel lucky!  It's now time to look forward to where, what and how from here.

2014 is less than 2 months away, wow!  I never look forward to leaving home for 2 months, but I sure do look forward to being in Aiken.  This year is no exception as we will be calling Farmfield Plantation our home away from home. This place has great pastures, riding areas and a HEATED wash stall :) :) :)  Located within minutes of our many Aiken XC schooling options and events- it's sure to be a great time.  We have room for a few more horses in training and a few more students so email soon for more information.

For those of you that need/wish to stay in Pennsylvania for the winter- Principia Stables (our Kirkwood, PA training location) will stay open and will have available stalls for winter boarding.

Last but not least Havarah Equestrian has officially done a name change to MK EQUESTRIAN, LLC. "Havarah" has a lovely meaning and is of large importance to me- I have not lost faith that my business can be kept to working with people in my "havareim" .  However, I am very proud to be a Kinnamon (married for a whole year now!).

All the best and please be in touch for winter training and horse sales!
Molly Kinnamon

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Keeping it real... Plantation Field Starter trials wrap up

Fall in Pennsylvania is about one of the most wonderful things a person can be part of in life.  The day we had at Plantation Field yesterday was one of the most perfect fall days I could've asked for.  We had great weather, beautiful scenery, many of our good friends and of course we can't forget some horses that were seriously GOOD!

I had the pleasure of competing The Zoominator --- I mean Zoomalong; his rider/owner Dr. Steve Berkowitz has needed to take a few weeks off so I gladly took over the ride.  Zoom and Steve have built an incredible partnership over the last year and Zoom is now a seriously great happy horse.  Zoom finished on his dressage score of 26.10 to lead his novice horse class.

My second ride is a new one at our place- Rissa.  This is a seriously talented horse that was in all the wrong sports for what she's got to offer.  Now she's landed into her element and whomever trains her up from here will have a lot of fun.  Rissa as well finished on her dressage score to lead her BN horse class (12.5!!!!) - This horse is for sale, priced very reasonably right now.

Beyond getting to ride two fantastic horses I also got to coach some lovely riders and their mounts they've worked very diligently with.  Robyn Weaver did a catch ride on Azrael (another horse we have for sale here), Betsy Weaver rode RIVEN... the magnificent black horse we all love so much, Jennifer Nunn aka the flying NUNN rode her OTTB Unwritten to some lovely jump rounds as did John Nunn with Beijing and Madeline Parisan with Lord Snowman.

Way to go team!

Next Sunday we'll take a few out at Unicorn Starter trials and after that it'll be paperchases, trail rides, off season training and most of all some holiday eating!

Enjoy some great pics taken from the one and only Steve B.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Check out our sales horses!

Just a reminder to contact me if you're looking for your next horse.  I take pride in helping riders and horses find the right partner.  We currently have in many quality horses and ponies.

Looking for a promising young horse to bring along?
Looking for a "HONEY" to help your child move from pony to horse?
Looking for a been there done that horse to let you enjoy your rides as you learn about eventing, jumping and dressage?
Looking for a well behaved, honest and kind horse to enjoy some trail rides?

We have horses that fit all of these categories!!

The Diesel Boy closes 2013 in a good way! :)

The Diesel Boy cantered around his last Prelim of 2013.  I'm very proud of this young horse.  He has gotten through what I think will be his most mentally challenging year of his life.  As we all know know young horses are like teenagers- there's always a year when its a little difficult to focus!

"Leto" and I have come to some agreements about when it's important to focus on your job and when it's ok to play.  He is so talented and I can't wait to see what we can do together next year.

Waredaca October 2013

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lets Talk Competition

Life has an odd way of waking you up.  Right now there's a lot going on; I'm not going to get into specifics but too many people I know are having health issues that could possibly change their lifestyles.  Luckily all of these people I'm referring to are fighters and I know that they'll over come their obstacles and enjoy life more than ever.

You probably wonder why I want to talk competition when people out there are dealing with real life real hard stuff. Maybe the following story will help you understand.

I came out to the east coast in July of 2006 with the incredibly Havarah's Charly.  I had BIG dreams and exciting things started happening out here in eventing mecca (PA/MD).  I was galloping race horses and really getting the feeling of pace, and the grit that it took to make things happen on a xc course.  Charly and I won the AEC's that year and then a few years later won the CIC ** and placed 4th at the CCI **. Onto the developing riders list we went (USET!!!!) - this was absolutely such an honor and an amazing experience.  Charly and I had a lot of firsts together- I couldnt of asked for a better horse to have on my first Advanced and 3 star experiences.  Charly has since been retired from eventing- he spent a few years doing Junior 3 rd level dressage and is currently looking for his next role in life... still the most interesting horse I've ever been around.  What a character :)

There is a large chunk of my life that was literally ALL about Charly.  Everything I did in life was to better myself and Charly for our quest... to be Advanced competitors and compete for the USET.  As all things do, Charly's era came to an end and I was highly un-prepared.

Luckily by that time I had met some absolutely amazing people out here in my new home.  I took the post Charly era as a time to develop a business on the east coast.  I get so much enjoyment out of teaching riders and horses and helping match make horses with appropriate riders.  I love my work.  Within my job I have been fortunate enough to keep competing and developing horses up the levels. My husband has been the most amazing support a girl could ask for; constantly encouraging me to shoot for the stars and never accept mediocracy.  I say that because I had put myself out there so much for the "Charly era" that I've been a bit shy of going back in for the big push to get it going again; to compete at such a high level takes more than want, it requires the support and generosity of owners, sponsors and the community.


Now what?  Finishing 2013 I have 3 horses that all have the ability to one day be advanced horses.

Puttin on the Ritz has stepped up in a major way thanks to the Klavans support and patience and fabulous guidance by Phillip Dutton. He has now finished very well in a CIC * and has 3 clean Intermediate rounds with a 2nd and a 3rd placing. "Benny" just finished his season by skipping around the SUPER wet Intermediate track at Loch Moy MD.  Never once complaining about the slippery wet footing.  He will now be done with competition for the season but absolutely will be keeping his muscles tuned and practicing to be even better next year.  Fair Hill 2014 here we come!

The Diesel Boy, born and raised at , came to me when he was a super adorable 3 year old.  He is now a heck of an athlete... with a little bit of adolescent ADD!  We have let him try his hand at the preliminary level at a relaxed pace this year.  His jumping ability and movement are fabulous.  I feel like 2014 in his 7 year old year many things are going to come together for him.

Bristol Indian is a 6 year old TB by Indian Charlie. This horse was born to jump xc.  Although he is quite green to the sport I would feel comfortable galloping him up to any combination out on a xc course.  With some time to help him develop the strength for the flat work this horse will be super cool.

In the Havarah's Charly era I was lucky enough to have a fabulous group of people supporting Charly; The Minyan syndicate.  I think that for a rider to really put their best foot forward owners are really necessary.   The Minyan syndicate helped make me into who I am today and I'm forever grateful for them.  I think this is a fabulous sport and I would like to figure out a way to share my journey with others.  I look forward to the off season to continue my work with my students, sales horses and this developing string of true competition horses.  I hope that some of you will brainstorm with me to look into ways for me to keep my quest for USET level competition alive!

Many thanks in advance for any ideas or comments- send to

~Molly K.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Wicked Elegance has found herself a dancing partner!

Wicked Elegance aka "Ellie" came to MK Equestrian in the summer of 2012.  Her then owners, the Weavers, realized that they had a super talented mare hanging out in their field. As true horse lovers they felt this talented New Forest TB cross deserved a chance to see what she could do.  

The Weavers were great and gave Ellie the time she needed to gain the understanding of the mental and physical side of being a competition horse.  Ellie came with us to Aiken where she got to have her start at eventing and we realized this was the sport for her.  BN was so simple for her she quickly moved to novice and in fact I had to stop myself from schooling too many preliminary xc jumps!

Fast forward to now.... Ellie's plan all along was to see if she liked eventing and if so to get her set up with someone that she could call her very own.  

Ellie's someone is a lovely girl named Danae Snyder.  

Danae is a C2 pony clubber who got her riding start by dominating the pony hunter and equitation worlds... she then got hooked into eventing and I can see that her and Ellie are already a great pair. Whether they do jumpers, Pony Club, eventing, dressage or just enjoy some lovely hacks in the woods, these two are just absolutely an adorable match.

As you can see Danae is a dog lover... no wonder I like this girl!

(Ellie from one of her first events in Aiken)

MK Equestrian is super excited to watch these two along their path!

New faces at MK Equestrian!!

I'd like to welcome a few new members of the MK Equestrian crew!  As with any working student program these two new girls will partake in many aspects of the game; hopefully they will enjoy the excitement of the competitions enough to get through the daily process of getting there.  If they end up like really "getting" this horse training thing they'll realize partaking in the small miracles that happen each day is the best part of the sport.  Here's to early mornings, long days and hopefully some laughs along the way!!

Madee Bailey
This girl has been riding her entire life and is no stranger to horses as her mother is in charge of a buggy riding business! Originally from Connecticut, she's now a Lampeter Srasbourg student but has decided to study online for the year. This will enable her to work with us on a full time schedule and come with us to Aiken to start off her 2014 season.  So far she fits in quite well; she loves dogs - hers are named Sheila and Dixie.  Madee is currently training up an OTTB named Highland.

Claire Cooper:

At 22 Claire is a recent graduate of University of Delaware- she majored in Agriculture and Natural Resources as well as Animal and Food Science with a minor in History.
Luckily she also likes dogs :)- as a live in working student she got to bring hers with her; Luke the big brown Lab will be an eventing dog legend in no time!

Claire is also working with an OTTB named Tom the Builder.  When she's not grooming or riding she can be found with a BIG camera getting some beautiful photos.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ready to compete? Need a horse?

I'd like to highlight 3 horses that we have for sale right now- each of these horses are talented, fun and most importantly READY to go.  This is just a few of what we have to offer so please email to find out more about these horses and the others we have available.

This is an experienced training level event horse AND he ground ties.  What more could you want :)
Good bone, good feet, SOUND.  16.3 hand 11 years young gelding. Lovely movement, and a super honest jumper.  Has some hunt experience. MUST SELL NOW --- priced to move as we have too many horses.

AZRAEL aka Kevin

Solid dressage career with championships at 1st level and schooling at 2nd and some 3rd level.  However, his heart is really as an eventer/jumper.  January of 2013 marked Kevin's start of his new career and he's an avid pupil.  He's already won at novice and is schooling training level.  This horse has JUMP. Talented and brave... looking for someone to be his partner in his chosen field- his owner would like to stay a dressage rider! 16.3 hand bay gelding 10 years old.  Big boned, great feet and SOUND.

Kynynmont's Cassidy
CUTE cute cute.  Or should I say fun fun fun!  You may have heard about our Kynynmont horses- they have now spread across the country competing with their new owners; California, Arizona, Kentucky, Illinois and now Virginia - just to name a few!  These horses have good brains, great feet and a whole lot of jump.  This one is no different.
Cassidy is quite experienced at the novice level and not too far off of training level eventing--- and with the right rider there is plenty more in store for her.  I'm thinking NAYRC one day! This girl has movement, a cat like jump and plenty of stamina.  Kind as can be to work with on the ground, a true lady. At 14.1 hands this Conn/TB cross can out jump most horses.

Please inquire about these 3 or others we have to offer at
We are based in Kirkwood, PA until late January and then will be in Aiken, SC for 2 months.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kynynmont's Eminently Irish heads to Virginia!

A huge congratulation goes to Sophie Horn!

Sophie is now Kynynmont's Eminently Irish's new rider and owner.  Any of you who have met Emily well know what a sweet, kind and athletic Connemara cross mare she is.  I can assure you that Emily has met her match and now has a super sweet, smart and athletic young rider.  What a team they will make!

"Sophie is so excited about acquiring Emily - Sophie immediately bonded with Emily the moment she "met" her - there was a instant synergy between them. After trying nearly 20 talented horses, Sophie instinctively knew that Emily was the one for her; she had no doubt about it. They will enjoy much happiness and success together."  - Susanne Horn

At only 14 years old this young lady already has quite the passion for eventing.  Sophie has some great instruction behind her; being in the Loudon Hunt Pony Club and working with Lynn Symansky.  I can not wait to hear about all the fun Emily and Sophie are sure to have in the coming years.

Many thanks in advance to Lynn Symansky and the Horn family for taking such great care of Miss Emily, she sure will be missed!


Friday, August 23, 2013

From child to adult... HAPPY birthday HANNAH!

Some years back the sweetest most shy girl approached me at the Fair Hill Three Day event.... some things never change but a few things do!

Hannah has grown up and is turning 18 today.  She is still the super sweet girl she was that first day I met her, however, perhaps not as shy!

Our program would be nothing without Hannah- she has made an indent into all of our hearts.  Horses, dogs, snakes, snapping turtles and all of us two legged folks as well.  It's been a great pleasure being part of her life and watching her explore new territories and grow as an individual.

Happy Birthday Hannah from all at MK Equestrian!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An Equestrian Roller Coaster; I call it life.

A good friend of mine from college days once said it best... "that's no flower box thats a freakin' garden!"   This last weekend Puttin' on the Ritz stepped up; got out of the kitty pool and went to play with the big kids .

Just a few years back Alyssa Klavans dropped off Benny as a sale prospect.  Alyssa had gotten Benny as a youngster and did the initial breaking all on her own.  As she had to devote herself more to college and the needs of adult life Benny was leased out to other riders and this just didn't suit him... at all!  Luckily Alyssa and her family agreed that Benny needed an outlet in life that he liked, as when he didn't like something it was well noted by anyone around him and not good for anyone!

Long story short, Benny, as you can see in the above videos, LOVES his new career.  This has not always been an easy road, he has definitely joined me on the roller coaster life of eventing.  Lucky for both of us, Dick, Nancy and Alyssa have buckled in and stayed along for the ride.  At Waredaca all the pieces fell into place and man it was fun.  I believe that our support crew on the ground felt the happiness as much as Benny and I did.  It's this immense joy when athleticism, training and a little luck come together that I am striving for at all times.

Robyn Weaver enjoyed much of the same type of feeling as she also had a grand weekend at Waredaca with Goreshille Belle who is an Irish Mare owned by Sophie Hulme.  I was so thrilled with the wonderful jump rounds that Robyn put in and it was made even better as Betsy Weaver and Sophie were there to witness the fun.

On another note the other horses and riders we took to Waredaca all had some good pieces and some "learning" parts.  The good news is everyone is safe, had some fun, and will be hard at work to get better to go back for that "feeling" on another day.

I feel incredibly lucky right now; I have the ride on Puttin on the Ritz and currently own two other lovely up and coming horses.  I want them each to be solid at their current levels before moving up- the end of this season is education for next year.  I really see all 3 of these horses competing in some good FEI events in 2014.  Until then its my job to work on all of our weak points and keep highlighting our strengths.

In addition to that I would like to find a way to share my roller coaster ride in this sport of eventing with other people.  This is where my readers come in.
What do you feel is the best way to do this?
Syndicate individual horses?
Make groupings of horses so people own more than one horse (but small enough pieces to make that possible)

Please email me ideas!  As I said, I feel blessed to be where I am at, sitting on the animals that I have... now I want to make the most out of it and I realize that this will be more possible and a whole lot better with a team.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

For the love of the horse!

I saw someone post that they were going to start building an ark... I think it's a good idea! We have had thunderstorms and rain daily since I can remember and the future forecast seems to be more of the same.  Doesn't matter as we have horses to feed, turnout, ride and prep for their competitions. The show must go on!

Principia Stables (Kirkwood, PA) has handled all of this rain with total class.  We have the indoor for the flash flood times and when it's safe outside our grass jump field and outdoor sand arena have been rideable nearly every day.  This is impressive as there's been so much rain I've seen pictures of peoples indoors flooded.. yikes.  Every day I wake up and feel so lucky to run a business out of this facility and am so lucky that The Hulmes saw the great eventing future in the farm when they purchased it.  We are constantly adding more amenities to make it an even better training site.  Bit of Britain has lent us some of their past AEC's jumps and quite a few lovely cross country portables.  Dr. Berkowitz just recently added a fantastic liver-pool to the course and thanks to Steve Parisan and my husband, Bryce, more and more show jumps appear all the time.

We are looking to add to our happy group of horses - we currently have a few stalls open and I'd like to share this farm with other eventing, hunting and dressage enthusiasts.

Wonder why some stalls are open?!!?  Tis the season for horse sales!  Alpine has recently found herself her very own person and will be living at the plush Radnor facility. Susie Beale has a knack for putting together a solid team between horse and rider and Im so excited to watch this new pair develop throughout the years.  HUGE thanks to Susie Bardel for breeding the lovely mare and caring enough to  get her started with Roddy Strang and then allowing her to get her early eventing education with me.  It's people like her that do things for the love of the horse, it's that attitude that keeps me going every day.

Sabrina aka Wonder Woman and her new mom, Jenny Salinger, are tearing it up in Area II.  Jenny will be returning to her senior year in High School next month so she's not wasting any time getting some events in on her new mount.  The two of them did spectacular at their first Preliminary this last weekend at New Jersey.  I have to admit that after they cruised through the water complex I turned to the other people standing by and literally had tears in my eyes and said "those are my girls!".  Sabrina came to me years ago to find herself a career... she's been a big part of my time out here and I'm thrilled beyond words to see her in her element.  I love this horse and I think Jenny does too! :)

At the New Jersey horse park I saw a girls father just hanging out with a horse.... literally just having a good time together.  He was there at the trailer, petting and smiling and the horse was taking it all in. He's not a groom, not a rider, just a guy that loves horses.  Seeing this man's love for the horse brought me great joy.  That night as I made my daily rounds to my horses feeding them carrots, I realized that no matter how tough things get or how good things get.. I just love these horses and enjoy seeing them so happy for a tasty carrot.  I hope everyone that reads this has some time in their life to do things simply for the love of the horse.


Monday, June 03, 2013

Feathers anyone?

BIG big BIGGGG stuff going on in MK Equestrian :)

First of all Steve Berkowitz deserves a huge congrats for a near win last Saturday at Waredaca- he ran too fast xc and was farther away from optimum time so he got the red ribbon with the 1st place tie break.  Steve is great inspiration around here; a full time vet and avid photographer who comes up with the time to practice practice practice and it's starting to really come to fruition for him.

Quinn Anderson has been having way too much fun with the super pony, Sprite.  They've now completed 3 Preliminary events and at Waredaca they finished on their dressage mark to score in the pink ribbon.  Pretty exciting stuff!  Not a bad way to start summer vacation!

Ever heard of Indian Charlie? Me neither but now I own his son! :)  After selling Sabrina to her wonderful new home I was persuaded by my coach, Phillip Dutton, to go take a look at this 6 year old TB he had been keeping his eye on. I've been dreaming of getting another horse to rise back up to the USET levels and once I jumped this horse I knew I had to figure out how to get him.  Julie Richards had brought "Bristol Indian" along and I am so thankful to her for allowing me to take on the ride.

Bristol is an all American guy- and super classy at that.  I think this horse and I will be spending the next few months working out a partnership but I know he has what it takes to be great and I'm thrilled for the new adventure.  I feel like we compliment each other, we get along well and we have much to gain from one-another.

Please keep an eye out for my new guy and stay tuned as we add feathers to our cap!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

VA CCI * -- its' really happening!

This is the weekend we have all been waiting for; the Virginia Horse Trials and CCI.  I'm super excited about this event for many many reasons- you'll see from the pictures below how far our horses and my riders have come and I am so excited to ride The Klavan's Puttin on the Ritz and thrilled to coach Maddie and Hannah in their first CCI- it's a big deal!  Sabrina will be joined this weekend by her new rider, Jenny and Robyn and the Hulmes Annabelle will be enjoying their first away event together.  This weekend we are joined by some very supportive parents and my good friend Alyssa.  

As horse things go you end up with some hard luck surrounding some hopeful good luck.  We endured some scary hard luck on our trip down but I feel that we were in the end extremely lucky.  Traveling down the freeway in the right lane we were rear ended by a man who fell asleep at the wheel.  The horses seem to be doing just fine and I am so happy that they were in a really well built sturdy trailer. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope the horses are still feeling as well, at the end of the day their health is more important than any event.  Fingers crossed for relaxed happy horses tomorrow, brave horses Saturday and careful horses Sunday and SAFE drivers Sunday afternoon on our way home!

Enjoy the pic's-- thanks Alyssa for sharing!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

MK Equestrian has a new WS and a new partnership!

There's been a whirlwind of excitement going on around Kirkwood, PA and luckily we've had the addition of Jenny Salinger here to help us get through it all!  Jenny and her horse Leo came to do a little eventing with us in Area II after spending the winter months training in the Lendon Gray Junior program in Florida.

Jenny came here and got right with the program; feeding, tacking, grooming and a good bit of riding.  However, after a majorly intense winter her boy Leo was in need of a little Kirkwood hospitality and relaxation... while Leo gets back to his old dapper self Jenny was catch riding anything and everything she could.  It became clear with in a short time that she was the match Wonder Woman has been looking for (aka Sabrina).

I'm proud to say that Jenny and Sabrina completed their first horse trial together today at the Plantation Horse Trial in Unionville, PA.  It was great to sit back as trainer and watch Sabrina show Jenny what cross country is all about!

I'm absolutely thrilled about this new partnership - Jenny and Sabrina both have quite a bit to offer each other, its a beautiful thing :)

As all of this is going on my other riders have been hard at work with their spring goals.  Quinn Anderson and the amazing Sprite completed their first Preliminary today... with a 0/0 show jumping round I might add!  Robyn Weaver was there as well winning her division of Training level with Sophie Hulmes "Annabelle".

My rides had a rough day in their learning curve, but I guess if you choose to do this as a living these are the days I have to get through to enjoy all the good ones!  Besides with horses that look this good jumping it's tough to be too upset!

Photos from Plantation Field - May 11, 2013 courtesy of Steve Berkowitz

Tomorrow we've got a whole lot of novice with our sales horses so I'm off to get some power sleep!
`Molly Kinnamon

Monday, April 15, 2013

MK Equestrian... the horses that make us smile :)

After a wonderful weekend enjoy some great weather and coaching my students at Plantation Field Horse Trials I thought I would catch up on some internet work :)

They say pictures are worth a thousand words... so I'll stop writing and give you guys a glimpse of what MK Equestrian has been up to!  Many of these horses are for sale, so if you see something that catches your fancy let me know!