Friday, December 17, 2010

A day in the life of Principia Stables

The Diesel Boy

AKA Leto is enjoying the winter of "focus on babies". He seems to be ahead of his game at his young age and because of this will stay home while we head out to Aiken. Leto has been a pleasure in every way and I'm so excited to get him out in the eventing world in 2011!

For more horses like Leto check out where Bonnie LaMonte has a breeding program specifically designed to produce sport horses and race horses.

Happy Holiday season at Principia Stables

A few friendly faces you may encounter upon visiting our stable.

Quigley - Quiggles - Wiggly - Wiggles
Will respond to any of the above, working on title for BEST barn dog EVER. Quigley is getting up there in age, and please forgive him if he barks a bit... He feels very strongly about his duty as barn alert dog and does his best to keep us all informed.

Bobbi the cat- wonderful un-less you're a bird or mouse-

Clyde The Glyde Drexler- the newest mascot, and with Alex Robertson in Florida for the winter, Clyde has taken on the role of vocal entertainer. Luke and Sarah Allen of Waterford Farm, raise the best puppies I've ever seen, I'm a proud owner of a border terrier now :)

Barn staff-
Kara manages all the daily hap's of the ponies and keeps everything running smoothly.
Hannah and Molly Jr - wonderful working students with too many duties to post
and myself :)

All of us doing our best to bundle effectively!

CONNEMARA's - New to Havarah Equestrian

I'd like to introduce two new exciting horses. Both of well breed Connemarra's and both athletic and handsome. These two horses have solidified my love for this breed.

Tux - 7 year old Connemara - the most natural jumper I've ever taken on and perfectly mannered and suited to become an adult amateur or junior champion. I think he could dominate in jumpers- but I hope to find him a home in the eventing community. i for see a training 3 day in his future ... very soon...

Archie- 7 year old Connemara- this horse is a solid 16 hands and you wouldn't think pony in any way when you see his natural suspension and incredible bascule over a jump. I believe Archie has the talent of a great eventer, he is fairly green at the moment but I believe in him and think he'll be 2011's rising star.

Both of these Connemara's are for sale and will be starting their competitive careers in Aiken.

Pictures curtousy of Liz Bracken taken of Archie in December 2010

Dr. Liz visits Principia Farm!!!

I love the east coast- but I will always miss the many wonderful people that have touched my life out on the west. Luckily, slowly but surely, I'm getting visits from many of my dearest friends and mentors.

Recently I've taken on the challenge and excitement of running a top class training facility in Kirkwood, Pa- - and so it was perfect timing to have my dearest friend Liz come out (she's a spectacular photographer for those of you that don't already know this).

Dr. Liz has always been there for me- she was my vet for many many years in California (still there just at the other end of a phone or keyboard) as well as one of my first equitation and life instructors.

Dr. Liz now spends a great deal of her time running BUT still manages to make a huge difference in the life of less than fortunate horses. For this Liz was recognized and awarded a very prestigous award at the AAEP in Baltimore- this was donated to equine charities that she cherishes and helps regularly.

I can't wait for my next visit from Dr. Liz!! Please enjoy her photgraphy- I'll be posting more blogs with pictures she's taken and she has a great assortment of ocean pics on her ElTiburon website.

Molly Jr. -goodbye Colorado hello Pennsylvania

The fall of 2010 has brought a lot of great things to Havarah Equestrian and one is the addition of Molly Jr.

As you can see by her photo, she has the number one most important attribute of a working student- enthusiasm. Jr. recently graduated from college where she spent her spare time enjoying life to its fullest and once that stint of her life was over she went in search a good hard work- thus she moved out to Kirkwood, Pa :) Jr. had to take an equine break during her stint in college and from that realized that there's nothing she wants more than a life filled with our furry equine friends.

Jr. will stay in full training with Havarah Equestrian at least through the winter months in Aiken, Sc and upon her return back to PA will probably be searching out how to dwelve into the world of Equine Marketing.

Her and her beautiful mare, Ohlala, are learning swiftly and looking to move towards some exciting goals for 2011 and beyond.

Please look for Molly Jr at the events and help us welcome her to the east coast!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Farm Website

Brrrrrr its cold out there- but I have to say that Principia Stables has done as much as possible to make riding on the east coast bearable during these cold spurts.

Check out the new farm website:

Principia Stables has a few stalls still available for winter boarding and the Havarah Equestrian horses leave January 24th for Aiken, Sc.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

What makes you buy a farm across the country?

Young Sophie got hooked onto riding at a very early age. Watch out parents all over the world, one cute pony leads to a lifetime of equestrian lifestyle!

Sophie has grown up quite a bit and most recently gave "Georgina" a great confidence building weekend at Ram Tap in Fresno, Ca.

Andrew, Allison and Sophie Hulme own Principia Stables in Kirkwood, Pa but currently work and reside in California. The Hulme's have a great vision for Principia Stables and I hope to help make that dream come true for them.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Plantation Field Starter Trial

CONGRATS goes out to Jennifer Nunn on not only starting and finishing her first Beginner Novice but RECIEVING a lovely red ribbon!!! This pair has worked very hard over the summer to develop a strong bond and Miss Jennifer worked pretty hard at getting stronger legs! Pony Club camp and some working student days at Principia Stables must've paid off :)

We had a really great day overall-
Lynn Fern had a reunion with eventing, first time out in 10 or so years (not an exact count, but it's been awhile!). The Red Baron remembered all about the sport and the two of them looked pretty polished. I'm very proud of "Rudy" as he started the sport with me and I told him that it's now his responsibility to make sure his mother has "FUN". I think he came through.
Bryce Kinnamon has been doing the weekend warrior eventing training to the max (he cheats a bit and comes out on Wednesday's as well). He took a very green BIG TB from spooky to bold in just a couple of months. The last cross country schooling we did before Plantation nearly brought tears to my eyes wathcing this team crusie around like an Intermediate combo, impressive is all I have to say. On the day of the event, dressage still matters, and that is still a work in progress... but if it was a show about jumping, they'd have won!
Last but not least my colorful ride was a blast. Kristine Strecker's "Harmony" came out for a tune-up before Kristine takes over the competition reins next season. Harmony is a colorful Irish Paint mare and is a saintly soul at a young age. However, she hasn't done much competing and did get a bit tense before the dressage as a herd of bright green bikers came flying by. She pulled herself together for a decent test and was a gem over the jumps, one rail down...oops.

Pictures to come.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


GOOGLE is proudly owned by a VERY tall dressage rider who leaves for Florida in a few days. Google had a quick introduction back into work with me and we produced a very short video of the little champ. This pony is sturdy and adorable, the true look of a great child's eventer. I say that because I like him and I like eventing, but I'm sure he'd be good at hunting and all sorts of other sports.
Check out his youtube video and call me to try him out SOON. Florida van leaves on the 10th of November.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Waredaca- BIG week :)

Marissa Hughes and ODIE took my advice of "eye of the tiger" and got passed an unfortunate and scary slip in the warm up to hold onto their lead in their first Preliminary to WIN the division!!

Sabrina also had her first Preliminary outing and I couldn't be a more proud rider/trainer. Sabrina had WAY too much energy and was not her usual graceful self for dressage but after that she was all buisiness and we had a slow but perfect SJ and xc round.

Rivan, competed in his second novice and was second!

Sprite and Beau competed in the Training 3 day - Sprite's one more year of "life" proved important, as the T3D with the classical format was a bit too much for young Beau. I'm not too concerned, that Pony is going to be somebody someday, he just needs some time. Sprite at 6 years old came in 3rd place and established to me that she is ready to tackle some preliminary in 2011!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dissapointment at Fair Hill....

At this year's Fair Hill event we had spectacular weather and for me, nothing too grand about my finish.

I am proud and lucky to have qualified for and entered such a spectacular event, I realize that this in itself is a great accomplishment. I went there feeling like I had the skills and the mount for the task at hand. Fair Hill is a championship level 3 star course, if you complete there, Rolex 4 star is within grasp. Hind sight is 20/20 and I wish that I had done a lot of things different in 2010. Charly had half of 2009 off for an injury- obtained from stepping in a big hole en-route to the Bromont 3 star June of '09. I don't believe I gave him enough lower level events to prepare him back for the challenges of a 3 star. If I could re-do it, we would not have tried to get back in the game so quickly. There are a few wise people that I should've headed their advice, such is growing up I guess... I've learned from this mistake!

At present Charly is sound, fit and very healthy- but in need of a change. Un-fortunately for me his contract is up for renewal and I'm not sure where things will go. Charly could still be a champion eventer- he just needs a better path in 2011. I would love to be the jockey to do this, but don't know if I'll have the financial backing to still do so. If he does end up with a new owner and/or rider I hope they realize what a magnificent athlete he is. Charly is a horse of a lifetime and no matter what discipline he does in 2011, he'll be great at it. I hope to be astride- dressage, eventing or jumpers. But I am starting to face reality and almost willing to see what options are out there for him. I have always thought I'd have a way to see him grow old in a beautiful grass pasture- and maybe I will. Maybe I'll help find him a home that can afford to give him what he deserves and take him to his next set of achievements.

Even writing this out is painful for me. I ride, teach, train and sell for a living. Charly is my friend and partner- it's not the same.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hellllllooo FAIR HILL !!

Charly and I are proud to announce that we have started our CCI *** at Fair Hill International. This is a dream come true for me.

The first veterinary examination was on Wednesday afternoon - this went very smoothly, Charly was well behaved and passed on his first jog down the lane. That day I took my initial walk around the 3 star course- my first impression is that I "love it". Beyond that I'd be silly not to tell you that it's VERY long with a long hill climb the first half of the course and the jumps are HUGE with a lot of very accurate riding being not only asked but mandatory if you and your horse want to finish. The jumps are solid and ask for bold riding. There's a lot for spectators to see and I hope that Charly and I have a big cheering section to keep us going for 10+ minutes!

I will be doing dressage close to 3pm on Friday. I was quite lucky to not be competing on Thursday during the solid rain- however, Thursday is supposed to be pretty hopefully Charly can keep his concentration while the tents are blowing over into the dressage courts!!

I wish I had each one of the Minyan Syndicate owners here watching first hand this weekend. There are quite a few that live in California and haven't gotten to visit Charly in quite sometime. I'd like to persoanally thank each one for the years of support and guidance they have given us.

The Minyan Syndicate is made up of the following people and their families-

Betsy McCarly
John Marshall
Ann Nunn
Judith Rosin
Bryce Kinnamon
Molly Rosin
Riverland Farms split share- Cleery Clinger, Aaron Rosin, Judith Rosin, John Marshall
Carla Hays
Midtown Sports/Charles Steinman

Currently there are 2 open shares that are available for purchase- email for information

Without the Minyan Syndicate I wouldn't be at this event. They took a chance in Charly and myself. THANK YOU!!!!

I hope to make you all proud this weekend :)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

October = EVENTING = horses=every day~!!

October started off with a beautiful weekend at Morven Park where I rode Havarah's Charly, owned by the Minyan Syndicate to a wonderful dressage and show jumping. I then withdrew to save him for the Fair HIll 3 star... which is Sooooooooo close! Charly was great and I can tell that he knows he has the Big One coming up. I also rode Sprite, owned and bred by Kathy and Quinn Anderson- this little connemara Tb x is a JUMPER, she may get a little wound up but when she settles in the dressage Quinn and I will have such a great eventer. Then there was the handsome Beaujeste. I have had so many people tell me that if he was 17 H they would pay anything for him. I think those people should get on and ride this BIG pony, cause he feels like 17 H!! Beaujeste is still young and has some learning to do, but he is craZy cool. Barb Strang and her Dutch horse Sultan (also for sale) made an impressive go out of their second training level event.

Life didn't slow down after the event as there's lots of horses to train, students to teach and most importantly SIR CHARLES to prep for his big three day.

BUT first- we found my working student a super cute new project filly, grey with a big forelock, She's pretty much gorgeous with a personality to match- thank you Dr. Anderson!
THEN this Saturday Hannah will try her hand at her first recognized event before handing "Ben" back to his owner with a tear in MY eye for how wonderful this horse has been, I thank him every day for his presence in my barn. At the event on Saturday I'll ride RIVAN; a very cool horse by CONTANGO who is starting eventing. I really like this big guy, hopefully you'll see me and him going along next year at Preliminary.... but he is available for lease.

AND THEN some schooling at Radnor for the young horses....


and and then... Waredaca Three Day with Sprite n Beaujeste (T3D) and Sabrina and Marissa doing there first Preliminary event!

Is October over yet/? No

Plantation Field starter trials... sign up and join us! Ankhe Pass will be at his second event, along with.....????

See ya all around, we'll have time to sleep in November!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Havarah's Charly @ Plantation

Photos curtosey of Dr. Berkowitz THANK YOU!!!!

They say that a "good feeling" is better than any ribbon. After this last weekend I more than ever agree with that! I feel like I've "got" my big time horse back, Charly feels great, the most obedient he's ever been yet as powerful and ready as ever. We were plagued with a "20" in the xc, I can't say that I'm not disapointed or worried about that this close to Fair Hill... but I know my horse and I think we can get past this.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BIG NEWS- welcome "Principia Farm"

This year seems to be full of learning, opportunities and growth. I'm extremely happy to say that today a wonderful family from California bought the farm I was leasing. Havarah Equestrian is now at home at "Principia Farm". Andrew, Allison and Sophie Hulme are the new owners- They will continue to reside in California until Sophie has completed her High School studies. Until then I will only have a few weeks each year to introduce all of my favorite east coast people to this great family.

Pricipia formorly known as "Inspo" will greatly miss Bill and Belinda Wertman. Belinda has agreed to come and visit the farm while giving dressage clinics, and I'm sure every once in awhile we might get Bill Wertman to show up as well :) Hopefully! Bill and Belinda brought along fabulous dressage horses and made many wonderful partnerships during their life here at the Pennsylvania farm. They now will be residing at their new farm in Florida- so be sure to check it out on your visits south.

At Principia I strive to bring along the same quality sport horses for competition and sales. Kara Flood will stay to manage the 40 acre facility, Rob will continue with the daily cleaning and farm care and am looking for one more employee to help out with chores and grooming. My trusty working student Hannah will soon be getting joined with another California girl named Molly, so I'm sure Hannah will have her hands full teaching the "new girl"!

I can't wait to see what the future holds at Prinicia, please follow along and visit often!

Monday, September 13, 2010

September 11th 2010 A BIG DAY :)

In Pennsylvania the weather was perfect, blue skies and a need for a sweat shirt in the morning. For the first time since I've moved to the east coast, my business grew big enough to need two trailers to go to an event. Havarah Equestrian took 5 horses to compete at Fair Hill and sent one very deserving student down to Georgia to compete at the American Eventing Championships.

At Fair Hill I rode a very handsome gelding named Rivan (owned by Pamela Benfield) in his first event. This horse was pure class all day and finished on his dressage score of a 29! I'm looking forward to more events on this horse and helping his owner find him just the right match-

We also had Bryce Kinnamon get back into eventing (first competition in over 20 years!)- fortunately for him he had the ride on a fantastic young horse owned by Dr. Kathleen Anderson. Ankhe Pass just started his formal training a few months back and is truely a horse for the future. Ankhe is for sale, so I'm not sure how long Bryce will get to enjoy his return to eventing, but I think after his fun on Saturday we'll see him around more often :)

Quinn, Hannah and Jennifer all rode their own mounts to wonderful finishes. Two thirds and a second place! All three of these girls have worked hard all summer and it showed in their very polished performances. Hannah has been my full time working student all summer- On behalf of Havarah's Charly and all the rest of the horses at the barn I'd like to tell her how VERY very much we appreciate her genuine kindness and dedication. Hannah has been leasing Dr. Kathleen Anderson's horse "No Worries"- after learning a lifetime of knowledge from this guy Hannah is about ready to take on a new project--- so if you have just the right one - let us know!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!!!!!! AMERICAN EVENTING CHAMPIONSHIPS WINNER IN THE JUNIOR TRAINING...................................................................................................................................................................... MARISSA HUGHES AND ODIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This pair is a sight to see (you can't miss them- Odie is a bay paint and Marissa LOVES lime green) watch out for this duo- I see some stars in their future!

Marissa purchased this Quarter horse as a trail companion and after dabling in a few other riding sports decided to give eventing a try. In the late spring/early summer Marissa and Odie came to take their first lesson with me to "step up their game". Marissa is a true competitor and Odie is a tremendous athlete, I'm blessed to be part of their journey.

I hope that September is just an overall good month--- Havarah's Charly is back in competition at the Plantation Horse Trials on the 17th and 18th - fingers crossed!

Monday, August 09, 2010

August events

photo credit to Steve Berkowitz
I've decided to let most of the string spend the month of August relaxing from the events and getting a little tune up at home in prep of the busy fall schedule. In between jump building and painting at the Kirkwood farm I have coached at a couple real fun summer events.

Beaujeste (Lauren Lenfest's wonder PONY), he competed a faultless training level ride at the New Jersey Horse Park. This pony is starting to jump around like he's dreaming of Preliminary! Marissa Hughes also competed at this event with a nice finish she secured her scores for teh Training 3 day as well as her last prep event for the AEC's. Marissa is doing a fun AEC challenge to raise money for her breast cancer walk... look her up on Facebook to learn more.

Then we went to Fair Hill, where I coached Barb Strang and her fancy Dutch horse Kirkwoods Sultan to his first training level and her first trip above novice since parenthood. Sultan jumped remarkably, Barb rose to the occasion with a few novice errors... I'm pretty confident that by their next outing they'll be a pair to be watching out for.

Off to go ride some horses... :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stuart Re-Cap

Charly and I went to Stuart this last weekend to figure out where we were in our cross country game, since as you all know Bromont didn't go very well. Dressage at Stuart went very well, finishing in 3rd - just .2 behind the competitive Jennie Brannigan and the Olympian Leslie Law. (skipping ahead) ... Show jumping was the best round Charly and I have ever ever done (on Sunday). The cross country course had many accuracy questions, just as we expected. Charly sailed through all the ones that I had thought would cause us difficulty but we did have 2 run outs at two different combinations. This is so un-like Charly and was quite disappointing. There has been a lot of analyzation going on in my head about why this is happening and I wish that there was an easy answer. After riding show jumping on Sunday I got a feeling on Charly of complete together-ness and I felt like we could do ANYTHING. I keep coming back to the the necessity of teamwork with this horse. And that's what we need to get created in cross country, again. We have had it in the past and I know we'll get it again.

Besides Charly Havarah had a grand crew; I rode a fabulous young horse named "Sprite"--- she jumped incredibly all weekend and is preparing for Preliminary in '11. I also was proud coach to two 6th place students in the training level, Katelyn Jackson and Collin Reynolds.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

One day- An extreme to another extreme

Today we left Pennsylvania and brought, Charly, Sprite and two students horses to the beautiful Stuart horse trials. A great trip in the morning, good rides, nice HOT course walk... then it was time to go to the Hotel. By this point we all agreed that we couldn't number our preferences which included -eating -showering and -sleeping. Well all three got a huge delay when we arrived at "The Budget Inn". I was in charge of hotel accomadations -told to book 2 rooms and of course I found the most economical place (that's just my style). NO GOOD. This place was so scary, that I was afraid of becoming the next tv show on 20/20. The manager and his family kept making up policies which basically made it impossible to get our money back. I finally caved and decided to leave, money in hand or not. I'm hoping to find a way to dispute the charge. Irregardless, I learned a lesson today... pay the extra $10 a night for clean sheets, and nice people.

Now as we fled the scene and caught up with the second half of our party at TGIF- a new plan was instilled. All hotels were called and the only one with a room left was the top of the line fancy one. We all agreed to have a sleepover together and bunk it up in the NICE place. When we arrived they came with a golf cart to help us carry our bags. The beds are fluffy, the people smile, and I am clean from a nice shower... life is once again good, and Im off to bed!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Mouse House Farm

Mouse House Farm

Is the breeder of Havarah Equestrian's newest addition "The Diesel Boy" aka LETO. Leto has a fast and sound TB sire (Lyracist) and a Westphalian dam that has more than a couple quite competant Dutch ancestors. Bryce Kinnamon is the proud owner of this horse and the two of us have big plans for this horse. For now, since he's only 3, he will enjoy a peaceful summer at the farm. He is a pleasure to work with both on the ground and when riding, I'm soooo excited about this one!

For information on more horses like Leto visit...

JUNE 2010 Camp

Here at Inspo we're enjoying a week of wonderful weather and lots of good fun. The kids are off to a starter trial this Saturday and have each been hard at work in preparation. They are pictured here with "The Diesel Boy", our 3 year old that is one of are projects this summer.

Good luck to all my girls this weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

May up-date

I've been waiting for pictures from the Virginia Horse Trials, but have decided the post will have to precede the photos!

Charly and I had our final outing prior to Bromont at the Virginia Horse park- we decided to do an Intermediate HT as a fitness run and a good confidence builder before tackling the toughest challenge of our lives. VA was exactly what we wanted- a good course and good footing. Charly was on his game in all three phases and I really feel like I have so much more trust in him this season than ever before, it's so wonderful to know a horse as well as I know Charly.

Having said all this, I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't the least bit worried heading into Bromont. I have all the faith in the world in Charly and he feels great, but a) I've never taken a horse out of the country and b) Its a THREE STAR!!!

I suppose this is part of the challenge - not letting these things get in my head.

Luckily things at Inspo are keeping me so incredibly busy that there isn't much time to worry. For anyone that's reading this and doesn't already know, this weekend is a HUGE sale at INSPO- household and barn items at rock bottom prices. It's sort of like a fair, hot dogs and everything!

While everyone is shopping I will be waking up at 3:30 am to take the training level horses to Waredaca, one of my favorite events... except for the alarm clock that always gets set to an aweful time when I compete there.

Besides that my holdiay weekend will contain a LOT of riding, galloping Charly, barn stuff, and barn stuff... hopefully I'll find a minute to share with Mr. Bryce on his holdiay weekend..!

Keep posted for some up-dated photos, and definitely stay tuned for a June up-date!

Thursday, May 06, 2010


7 year old OTTB Bay Gelding... Too big for me but could be just right for you!!!

Life @ Inspo...

I've now been at Inspo for over 6 weeks and I dont ever want to leave. The facility has given my horses, my dog and myself great happiness... I even think my city boyfriend enjoys the peace that Inspo has to offer.

Most importantly Havarah's Charly enjoys his view, his pasture, the great indoor and ALL the hacking that he spends a lot of time doing! Charly and I have been ticking away trying to prepare ourselves for our first CCI ***. This involves lots of training on and off the horse and a whole lot of paperwork. There's so much that goes into competing at this level. I'm still in search of a new sponsor/owner to share part in the Minyan syndicate, I know the right person is out there...just a matter of finding them!

The other horses are really coming around in their training and fitness. I've got a new sales horse in I'm excited to start showing to people in the next few weeks. "Ankhe Pass" is a OTTB BUT looks like a WB and moves like one. He is big, so I need to find him a tall person, I'm sure I look pretty funny on this one.

Beaujeste is surprising me all the time, some days he's an arrogant pony that knows how talented he is and other days he's a talented pony that also wants to be a complete gentleman... one thing is always true for him, he's a child prodigy.

Sprite has agreed to our program. Molly riding days means its time to learn, sweat and jump big (training size) and Quinn days means it's time for Sprite to be the teacher and be a "kids pony". We've had to do a little convincing to Sprite that it's not always necessary to show everyone what a phenomenal pony jumper she is. Sprite loves her child (Quinn) and is really starting to respect her needs! They have conquered their first starter event together and the world is their oyster.

Sabrina aka the Queen is doing her best to put up with the other horses in her barn and share her people with them! She is such a lovely ride and I'm thankful for every day I have her, however my time may be coming to an end ... she's getting too good!

I also have a new horse in named Rivan... this one is a big fancy warmblood that wants to learn how to jump. Stay tuned for more info on this big guy!

Thatch aka Willing and Able

Thatch was a horse I sold to one of my long time students in California. Thatch started his life in PA as a racehorse and was taken over by the Allen's with Waterford Farm. I had a short stint in his life by finding him his wonderful new home with Alyssa Hatai. We let Thatch stay on the east coast for the beginning of his eventing career and now he lives with Alyssa on the west coast. They have successful gone from Beginner Novice to Novice in California and will now make the trek to their new home in Oregon. I am very excited for Thatch as I know he'll really appreciate the green grass and hope that he makes the transition a happy one for Alyssa. Good luck guys!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good finishes for Charly and his "Mini Me" (Beaujeste)

The Minyans horse, "Havarah's Charly", got back out at the Advanced level today and showed that he is game and ready to carry on! Jumping in great form and cooling out well I feel really good about the future with this horse. I know that he is a horse of a lifetime and days like today are so special with him. I feel so honored to be part of his career!

Charly has a "mini me", Beaujeste. Beau is a New Forrest/Welsh cross PONY. Looks and acts just like Charly! They are best friends and both super cool animals, one a pony, one a horse.

Beau is very new to the training level and at just 5 years old is really showing us some great talent. He's still a little baby bugger and gets a bit excited, but once he gets out on course he is all buisiness!

Sabrina also competed this weekend and is feeling so so nice. She feels like she's just moments away from truely getting it, and when she does, wow, watch out! My other mount, Sprite, and Sabrina both got spooked by a tigers trap going down hill on the cross country. Both horses are very game and not stoppers, so it was a bit dissapointing... but thats the sport... always something to work on!

MCTA and Plantation aren't that far away :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fair Hill smiles...

As many of you know my "Big" horse, Havarah's Charly has a bit of time off in 2009 and has had a long slow road back to the advanced level of competition.

It took a lot of faith and good good people to get this done. Everyone that has been involved in this process should be feeling great pride as Charly has already shown this weekend that he was well worth the wait. A 26.9 in the dressage and a double clean in Show Jumping, he truely is a horse of a lifetime.

Tomorrow is the test of training and fitness. From our schoolings it seems like Charly remembers all of his "stuff"; but there's nothing like doing everything in competition mode, on your own, and "under pressure". Charly has nothing to prove to me, and I'm pretty sure his owners would all say the same. Sunday will go as Charly needs; when he needs a few seconds to read a question, he'll get it, if he's ready to roll up a hill to a huge gallop fence I'll allow him... this horse knows how he wants to play and I'm very excited to be his playmate on tomorrow's Advanced level cross country course!

Molly and Charly

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Havarah's Charly has a 1/11th share open for purchase.

This is available only to those who seek enjoyment out of watching and partaking in the journey of an upper level horse and rider. You will receive up-dates and pictures and be invited to "the backside" at home and events. Charly is an AEC winner and just a down right COOL horse. His movement and jumping ability is phenomenal only to be beat by his incredible intelligence. With the right group of people behind him, this next year has the potential to be very exciting.

For under 3k you could be this owner! Monthly contribution is very minimal, if you are interested please contact me directly for exact information.

Monday, April 12, 2010

SABRINA - for sale-

Pictures all from Southern Pines II
Sabrina came to me late in 2009, with no eventing experience. This mare is quickly taking to our sport and seems to have her grandfathers wonderful work ethic and lovely movement. She is an ideal horse for someone to grow with through the levels and be competitive at the same time!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Northern Living

The Havarah horses and myself are officially back "home". I have set up at a wonderful facility, "Inspo", this is in Kirkwood, Pa. The horses are all soo happy with their big stalls, green grass and comfy footing in the indoor. Tomorrow they get to go exploring the woods and grass gallops... can't wait to see their smiles then!

This facility is top notch, it has all the comforts and eventer could ask for. The barns have wonderful ventilation and amazing storage (this makes me very happy, ask anyone that has worked for me, I like everything to have a "home")The horses have plenty of training ground and we're within feet of all horse necessities; feed dealer, produce farm....etc.

I am excited about this new venture and happy to be at a place where Havarah can grow!

As I'm busy settling in I'm also very excited to get lessons set up with those who have wintered North and are ready to get back into action. Charly and I head off to the Fork next Thursday.

Come over and visit our new set-up, look for the address at

Monday, March 15, 2010

MARCH 22nd

Is my move in date to "Inspo". This amazing facility is in Kirkwood, Pa. It has a full size perfect footing indoor (with a full wall of mirrors!), 20 stalls (nice view for the ponies and good ventilation), lots of trails (with jumps!) and great grass gallops. The farm also has an available house and apartment.

I will be accepting horses/riders in for training or training/board. I have a wide variety of options available. I will also be accepting working students as well as re-hab horses. This is a great oppurtunity! I hope you will all come visit :)

The initial set of Havarah horses will be moving in on Monday March 22nd, straight back from their event at Southern Pines.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Kirkwood, PA in 10 days!!

My time here in glorious Aiken, Sc is coming to a close. Aiken has served me and the horses very very well. I feel so inspired and ready for a busy year of training, coaching, competing and selling horses.

Today I watched a few of the "A" list USET riders work with Mark Phillips. Phillip Dutton rode one horse over fences and another on the flat; Boyd Martin rode Neville over fences. Both riders are exeptional and all three horses are true talents. It's so cool to watch these partnerships practice and see ways and methods to take home to my "barn".

After watching I went and had a glorious day schooling Beaujeste and Sabrina over fences. Both of them love the dressage and cross country but tend to get a little "excited" in the show jumping. Today I felt like we made tremendous stides in terms of their ride-ability which in turn gave them a lovely feel over the fences. Can't wait for Southern Pines!

Havarah's Charly has been ticking away at his conditioning program. He is LESS fat, and LESS hairy... AND he gets to do his first cross country schooling of the year, tomorrow!!! :) I'm a little excited if you couldn't tell.

Next weekend is Southern Pines II- I'll be busy that weekend with 5 or 6 competition rides. Luckily I'll be in good hands with my trusty helpers, Hannah, Quinn and Amy Jackson (Charly's personal strapper!)

THEN it's home to our new barn in Kirkwood, Pa. Horses will be so happy for green grass, great footing in an indoor and lots of wonderful hacking.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Movin' on up...

Aiken is great in so many ways, but relaxing isn't one of them! At least not for my barn crew; we're lucky enough to have a full stable and lovely horses. Most of them are young ones and I feel very strongly that their time here in SC is well spent... meaning we are ALWAYS doing something with them.

Luckily I started feeding McCauley's "Top Ten" - this feed has really helped get some good condition on the younger horses and provide adequate nutrition to those in heavy work. I highly suggest this plus the Rice Bran Oil for those less than plump ponies.

This year my horses started off at the level they were competing at last season and have just now moved on to the next level.

I am happy to say that our homework was done very well in two of the three phases... yup that means one of them still needs some attention! Eventing is definitely the best sport to keep one humble. All the horses were lovely in their dressage and so bold on their cross country, but the difficult show jumping track was tough... this week and next there will be some definite practice days!

I am still very proud of these horses, they are all fine athletes and most definitely game to do their job.

Final 2 weeks in Aiken!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

3 solid weeks in Aiken

I can't say it's been all sunshine and blue skies, but I know that we have NOTHING to complain about! I feel so lucky to be in Aiken right now; we've had two days that we were rained out, and one morning that we were snowed in... again, like I said nothing to complain about, I am very very sorry to all my friends and clients that are at home shoveling that 30 inches of snow.

The horses are all loving their home away from home; we are renting stalls from Susie Beale and have plenty of access to ride out and are in very close proximity to all the event sites.

My horse list this year is even better than I could've imagined.

Sporting Days was the first event of the year for me. I competed 4 horses and coached John Nunn....
Sabrina- Sales mare, completed and WON her first ever event on a 28 :)
Beaujeste- 3rd place novice on dressage score
Eurovision- first USA event, 6th place training
Sprite- first ever event, 6th place BN
John Nunn/Smiley - 3rd place Novice

Full Gallop
Sabrina- rider errors in dressage but perfect jumping gave us a 6th place finish

Pine Top
John Nunn and Smiley had their "move up" to training level and finished 6th

Paradise Farm will be our next outing ....stay tuned!

Sunday, January 31, 2010


The horses and I have enjoyed our first week here in Aiken, SC. We've been lucky enough to have the wonderful help from Amy Jackson (horse care giver extroidinaire) as well as Allie Blyskal (working student here for the first 3 weeks). Our barn this year is adjacent to Sporting Days; this has given us access to wonderful trails and training grounds... everyone has been incredibly generous and kind!

So far ....

* Havarah's Charly has had his first dressage lesson of 2010...
* Eurovision had his first lesson with Silva Martin and did a lovely job!
* One trip to Hitchcock woods
* A night of Yoga
* Beaujeste, Sprite, Eurovision, Smile Like you Mean It and Sabrina all had successful first jump schools OUTSIDE!
*** I finally un-packed my clothes!!

This week we'll get in a cross country schooling... or maybe two :) Then next week we'll begin our competition season at Sporting Days.

A few of our horses are sadly up for sale, so if you're looking don't hesitate to call and make the trip to Aiken for some fun in the sun!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Congratulations to Wanda!

Wanda, my most recent sales horse from Inspo, has just landed a great new home.

I love helping horses and riders find "their" match, it's really exciting when things are just "right". This is a pair that will be great to watch for years to come... keep your eyes out for them!

Brittanie Hardy will be training with Phillip Dutton and keeping Wanda with the True Prospect group. They are heading south to begin their partnership in Aiken, SC.

Good Luck!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Clinic in California

At Ram Tap!!

January 16th and 17th I will be giving a two day cross country clinic at my home event, Ram Tap (Fresno, Ca)

Day one will focus on proper pacing and cross country gymnastics, day two we'll put some fences together and work on cross country course riding.

I love my trips to California to see many of my original students and meeting the new faces popping up in Area VI.

A few spots are still available, contact me at for more information.

Happy New Year!

I hope that this blog finds everyone enjoying a peaceful holiday season with family and friends. I lead a pretty hectic life, (which I love every minute of!), so I especially enjoy getting to have a few moments of fun with my close friends and family.

2009 had some serious highlights, and I hope to expand on those in 2010.

Havarah Equestrian is off to winter in Aiken, starting on the 24th of January. Havarah's Charly is in conditioning right now and will be looking towards a spring of competition! He is happy its now 2010 :)

We've got some lovely new horses in the line-up, these guys will be having their debut in Aiken. A few of them are for sale and others are in training to better serve their owners upon their return to Maryland.

Watch for Aiken up-dates!