Friday, December 17, 2010

A day in the life of Principia Stables

The Diesel Boy

AKA Leto is enjoying the winter of "focus on babies". He seems to be ahead of his game at his young age and because of this will stay home while we head out to Aiken. Leto has been a pleasure in every way and I'm so excited to get him out in the eventing world in 2011!

For more horses like Leto check out where Bonnie LaMonte has a breeding program specifically designed to produce sport horses and race horses.

Happy Holiday season at Principia Stables

A few friendly faces you may encounter upon visiting our stable.

Quigley - Quiggles - Wiggly - Wiggles
Will respond to any of the above, working on title for BEST barn dog EVER. Quigley is getting up there in age, and please forgive him if he barks a bit... He feels very strongly about his duty as barn alert dog and does his best to keep us all informed.

Bobbi the cat- wonderful un-less you're a bird or mouse-

Clyde The Glyde Drexler- the newest mascot, and with Alex Robertson in Florida for the winter, Clyde has taken on the role of vocal entertainer. Luke and Sarah Allen of Waterford Farm, raise the best puppies I've ever seen, I'm a proud owner of a border terrier now :)

Barn staff-
Kara manages all the daily hap's of the ponies and keeps everything running smoothly.
Hannah and Molly Jr - wonderful working students with too many duties to post
and myself :)

All of us doing our best to bundle effectively!

CONNEMARA's - New to Havarah Equestrian

I'd like to introduce two new exciting horses. Both of well breed Connemarra's and both athletic and handsome. These two horses have solidified my love for this breed.

Tux - 7 year old Connemara - the most natural jumper I've ever taken on and perfectly mannered and suited to become an adult amateur or junior champion. I think he could dominate in jumpers- but I hope to find him a home in the eventing community. i for see a training 3 day in his future ... very soon...

Archie- 7 year old Connemara- this horse is a solid 16 hands and you wouldn't think pony in any way when you see his natural suspension and incredible bascule over a jump. I believe Archie has the talent of a great eventer, he is fairly green at the moment but I believe in him and think he'll be 2011's rising star.

Both of these Connemara's are for sale and will be starting their competitive careers in Aiken.

Pictures curtousy of Liz Bracken taken of Archie in December 2010

Dr. Liz visits Principia Farm!!!

I love the east coast- but I will always miss the many wonderful people that have touched my life out on the west. Luckily, slowly but surely, I'm getting visits from many of my dearest friends and mentors.

Recently I've taken on the challenge and excitement of running a top class training facility in Kirkwood, Pa- - and so it was perfect timing to have my dearest friend Liz come out (she's a spectacular photographer for those of you that don't already know this).

Dr. Liz has always been there for me- she was my vet for many many years in California (still there just at the other end of a phone or keyboard) as well as one of my first equitation and life instructors.

Dr. Liz now spends a great deal of her time running BUT still manages to make a huge difference in the life of less than fortunate horses. For this Liz was recognized and awarded a very prestigous award at the AAEP in Baltimore- this was donated to equine charities that she cherishes and helps regularly.

I can't wait for my next visit from Dr. Liz!! Please enjoy her photgraphy- I'll be posting more blogs with pictures she's taken and she has a great assortment of ocean pics on her ElTiburon website.

Molly Jr. -goodbye Colorado hello Pennsylvania

The fall of 2010 has brought a lot of great things to Havarah Equestrian and one is the addition of Molly Jr.

As you can see by her photo, she has the number one most important attribute of a working student- enthusiasm. Jr. recently graduated from college where she spent her spare time enjoying life to its fullest and once that stint of her life was over she went in search a good hard work- thus she moved out to Kirkwood, Pa :) Jr. had to take an equine break during her stint in college and from that realized that there's nothing she wants more than a life filled with our furry equine friends.

Jr. will stay in full training with Havarah Equestrian at least through the winter months in Aiken, Sc and upon her return back to PA will probably be searching out how to dwelve into the world of Equine Marketing.

Her and her beautiful mare, Ohlala, are learning swiftly and looking to move towards some exciting goals for 2011 and beyond.

Please look for Molly Jr at the events and help us welcome her to the east coast!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Farm Website

Brrrrrr its cold out there- but I have to say that Principia Stables has done as much as possible to make riding on the east coast bearable during these cold spurts.

Check out the new farm website:

Principia Stables has a few stalls still available for winter boarding and the Havarah Equestrian horses leave January 24th for Aiken, Sc.