Sunday, December 06, 2009

Hello again!

Sabrina at Anne Kursinski's Clinic, photo courtesy of Lynn Fern

Wanda schooling in Oxford, Pa, photo courtesy of Bill Wertman

I feel like I have so much to say I don't even know where to start!

Most importantly, all the horses are going very well and I'm already incredibly excited for 2010. I've got 2 very lovely mares in for sale, Wanda and Sabrina. Both of these have current videos on U- tube, searchable with their name and my name as key words. I have to say that I won't be disappointed to compete either of these two horses in Aiken, but I'd be surprised if they arent in their new homes before then!

Havarah's Charly is once again a very happy horse, back in daily work, he once again has a reason to be! This horse loves to have a mission in life, at this point it is just a lot of trot, but I believe he knows that this will lead to a greater good. He still has days that he tests my skills when he has toooooooo much "life" as Roddy Strang would say! I can't get mad at him, and besides when I took a girls night out to New York City, I did a pretty good job on that BULL! :)

Beaujeste was forced to have two weeks of vacation after he stole the show at the Anne Kursinsi clinic. This lil big man is all heart and a child genius. At 4 years old he has learned many life lessons and doesn't want to put the book down. Tomorrow is back in action for him, and I know that he'll be ready to please.

I've got a new horse in training, Sprite, tomorrow's fanciest childs small pony. This one will end up on the show squad with her owner, Quinn Anderson, when we return from Aiken this spring. Sprite was bred and raised by the Anderson's and is one heck of an athlete. A connemarra/TB cross that looks like a Barbie Doll!


I owe a long over-due congrats to Lauren Billys
My student from California that has spent the last two summers out being a Working Student here in Maryland. She not only completed her first CCI * but gosh darn nearly won it! Her dressage and cross country were spectacular and she's just a few rails away from complete stardom. I'm very proud of the commitment that Lauren has put forth and the skills that she has put forth to her riding. Lauren is working toward a possible on day ride on the Puerto Rican eventing team.... look out!


Havarah Equestrian will be heading to Aiken, SC on January 24th.... stay posted!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bittersweet Sunday at Waredaca

On Sunday we had three Havarah horses and riders at Waredaca, and a 1, 2, 3 finish after dressage. Fran Loftus on Pablo was in Novice Masters, Katelyn Jackson with The Weazel in Novice Championships and myself with Beaujeste in novice horse. KJ recieved her lowest score of a 29 and Beaujeste also had his lowest score ever of a 25!

Show jumping went smoothly for all, and the weather was still beautiful! Katelyn was the first out of us on XC and she sailed through, making the tough course look simple.... unfortunately she jumped the wrong water jump and got a Technical Elimination. This will be the last event for Weazel and Katelyn as he now will be looking for a lease rider while Katelyn focuses on her new "big" horse. Beau and I were next out and this wonder pony had a tough time with the footing, he's ready for hind shoes and studs come spring! A few slips and one that caused us to miss a turn to a table left us with a hefty 20 penalties! We were all still very proud of Beau, he has come so far in such a short amount of time. Fran was last out and I have to say she made me quite proud. Her and Pablo had a few second looks, but Pablo is looking like a real event horse for Fran now... and if you saw how wild this horse was you'd know why that's so great!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beaujeste wins at Radnor Horse Trials

As many of you may know Radnor used to hold a premier CCI event. The CCI has closed it's doors but some very wonderful people stepped up and decided to still host a horse trials each year in October. I attended its first year and will hope to keep going to support this beautiful facility. Besides having a pretty scary, murky water jump the event gives you the feeling of a top class event. Good footing, crowds, flags, pretty fences and very green grass.

I rode two lovely horses in the novice division. The Red Baron has taken a few months to work on his strength in his flat work and it definitely paid off as he received a 27! Un-fortunately for the good hearted young horse the crowds in the sj gave him a bit of a spook as did the murky water jump. Besides the two incidences I thought the horse jumped real well and still shows good promise as a solid competitor.

The second horse was Beaujeste, the wonder pony I've been working since spring. Radnor was Beau's 3rd novice and first time to put all the pieces together. Beau loves eventing but is just 4, so he has been getting a bit worried being a lone in dressage. This time, Beau was a big boy and showed all the big horses that he's got it. Beau scored real well in dressage and finished with out any jump faults to win his class. I'm very proud of this little big guy and very excited for his future.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fair Hill XC schooling September 15th

We've been enjoying a great summer and it's now time to step into our fall eventing season.

There's some great events coming up and our first cross country schooling will be at Fair Hill this Tuesday afternoon from 3pm until 7pm.

Group lesson's for $40.00

Email Molly at to reserve your space.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Congrats Katelyn and THE Weasel!

Katelyn Jackson and The Weasel, (ok he actually has another name, but this is the one I prefer), finished 2nd in their novice class at Olney! Katelyn has a horse arriving shortly and so her and Weasel have a few important venues left in their career; Fair Hill and the AEC's yet to come! Weasel will then be looking for applications for a leasor to keep him near his current home (or at!) and hopefully stay within the Havarah program. We LOVE the Weazzz!

Here is a picture of them from the CC Fair, in the pouring rain. Thanks Lynn Fern for the great photography and kind soul to stick around in the slop.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Working Student

My great working student, Lauren Billys, is leaving the east coast and resuming college in California. I have a working student position available starting August 10th. If interested please email me at

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Red Baron owned by Lynn Fern

GInger owned and ridden by Lauren Billys photo courtesy of Lynn Fern

Wednesday was a great day, a wet day, but a lovely one still! The Cecil County Fair holds an annual jumper show that I've grown quite fond of using in my training program. Havarah's Charly used it as a training prep a few years ago, winning the stakes in the 3'6" and the 3'9" divisions.

This year I used it as a practice round for three of my young horses, and some show pressure for two of my riders. Tango, a young TB mare jumped fabulously and I can't stress how excited I am about this little lady. Beaujeste, the rising pony star, is starting to really learn about jumping style instead of being so concerned about his speed and the Red Baron jumped around this course like an old campaigner, not nervous and un-shure like he's been a bit in the past.

Katelyn Jackson and The Weasel were an exciting pair to watch. The Weasel is a machine of a Connemara and can really leap. He'll soon be looking for a new junior to teach as Katelyn's new horse is arriving on Monday/!! I plan on Weasel being a Havarah horse forever though, he has to stay in the barn :)

THEN there was the rain and our Irish horse Ginger showed everyone how big feet can splash through puddles like they're not even there. Lauren gave Ginger a great ride and won 2 of her 3 classes and came home with a nice check. She promised us all corndogs, but she got lucky as the fair didn't even sell them!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Plantation Starter Trials

Tango, owned by Waters Edge Farm

The Red Baron, owned by Lynn Fern

I have grown very fond of starter trials; they are a great inexpensive way to get young horses out to an event. They are always very relaxed and give the horses a great experience. I have also been able to help quite a few students get a relaxed and positive start to their eventing careers.

This last weekend, The Red Baron (pictured above courtesy of owner Lynn Fern), finish 2nd in the Novice Horse division. Tango, a brand new ride for me, finished 4th in BN, her first event! Fran Loftus, brought her big horse out and showed us that they have made tremendous improvement and gave themselves a great prep for the Fair Hill HT in August. Last but not least one of my newest students made her debu as a Havarah rider and won the Beginner Novice rider class. Congrats Chelsea!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nantucket Clinic

I just spent Monday and Tuesday on the glorious island of Nantucket. Meghan Perry, a Nantucket resident and horse trainer, did a fantastic job organizing the clinic and I can't thank her enough. I really enjoy giving clinics, its so rewarding to help riders find a piece of information that could help them with the break-through they've been waiting for or help give a horse "the step in the right direction" that it needs to progress.

I believe I will be back in Nantucket in a few weeks to re-unite with these riders and I hope this next time to grab a few photos of the horses on the island!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Syndication shares available!!!

I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason. A few months ago a horse came in for training and to be sold that has ended up being my new buddy. Sempre Fino aka "Sam" is a special horse, a 9 year old TB that was brave enough to take his amateur owner to Intermediate and talented enough to go much further with a professional. Sam took the sidelines for much of '08 and part of '09 while his current owner pursued her academics. Sam has only been with me for a few months and has shown great promise for the future, I really believe he is a rising star. Sam is brave, scopey, agile, and a type A personality! All traits that I feel like could help lead Sam to a career as a 4 star horse.

Since Sam has only been back to competition for a month + and his owner is leaving for graduate school we have the opportunity to syndicate this horse at a very affordable price. This is a unique opportunity for people to become immediately involved in a horse and rider's upper level career. When Havarah's Charly was purchased he was a young horse and took several years to develop into an Advanced level competitor. Sam is ready... NOW! There is a strong possibility (with the help of a few new owners!) Sam and I could be competing at the Plantation CIC ** in September and the Fair Hill CCI ** in October. This would then lead us to the Advanced level in 2010 competing in CIC ***'s and CCI ***'s. Rolex Kentucky CCI **** in April of 2011!!!

Havarah's Charly's syndicate was put together by a group of people who wanted to support me in my quest to be part of the USET and I hope to put together another group with the same intentions. I have a plan of how this can be done without being a financial bur-don on anyone. If you or anyone you know are interested please contact me for details on joining the Sempre Fino syndicate.

Monday, June 22, 2009

East and West lots of smiles!

The weekend of June 20th and 21st produced many happy Havarah riders both of the east coast and west coast.

Out in California Cheryl Gentzler made her way back into eventing competition with a lovely dressage and faultless jumping to finish 5th at Shephard Ranch. John Marshall did quite well also with a 2nd place finish as Alyssa Hatai and Kelcey Collins were also proud finishers of the event. Thank you Chris Scarlett for watching over and being such a good coach for these guys!

Out in Maryland Beaugeste finished 4th at Waredaca's challenging starter trials. Beau is really just a beginner at this sport but man does he love it!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Bromont CCI ***

As many of you knew, Charly and I were training for the Bromont CCI ***. Charly's training and fitness were foot perfect until a bad step on a gallop changed our plans. Charly sustained some soft tissue injury and needs a little while to rest so that he can go back to being the amazing eventer that he is.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Plantation Day 2 Success!

Another day of sunshine and happy ponies at Plantation Horse Trials in Pennsylvania. It was really a lovely treat to have all the horses owners at the event, Beaujeste and The Red Baron are very lucky horses! The Red Baron finished his second training level HT in second place and is continuing his happy go lucky way of competing. All horses should learn to be as relaxed as this guy. Rudy's QH side is loved by all! Beaujeste competed in his first beginner novice and was a star. This pony is a very exciting prospect and any vertically challanged person would be lucky to have him! At 14.2 he is mightier than most :)

Barb Strang competed her horse Guinness, to a third place finish in the Novice division... adding no penalties to their dressage score. Last but not least Hannah Metz competed in her first beginner novice and has come a long way in a very short time.
Good job by all!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sucess at Plantation Horse Trials

This last week has been pretty wet, dreary and all around gloomy.... so today's event at Plantation with sunshine and lovely horses was a great change of pace!

I had the pleasure of riding Sempro Fino, Charlotte Freeman's 9 year old TB gelding. Sam has had a leisurely year and this was his second competition back this year. I'm pretty excited about this horses future and today he showed a tremendous amount of improvement in his training. This horse has a great amount of talent and I hope to either find him a rider/owner to dedicate their time to him or find a way to keep him in my barn. Sam jumped clean and used today as a learning experience to prepare himself for his future grand plans.

Lauren Billys rode in her second prelim event and did a spectacular job. I've been training Lauren for many years now and it's very rewarding to guide her along her way to becoming a solid competitor at the upper levels. Lauren and Ballingowan Ginger were in first after dressage and only added a few time faults to their score to finish a respectable 4th place. WAY TO GO GIRL!!!

Last but not least, Havarah Equestrian's newest rider, Katelyn Jackson, did a superb job in the Novice class. Wiesel and Katelyn took the novice lead with a steady dressage test and faultless jumping rounds. Katelyn is getting ready to start taking eventing pretty seriously and I'm thinking this rider will be one to watch out for!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This and that...

Photo credit to JC Kinnamon

Charly and I have our final qualifications for the CCI *** and are preparing for this big task at Bromont (Canada) in June. It will be the biggest challene that either Charly or I have ever faced and both of us are in total fitness bootcamp for the next few weeks!

I spent a few days in California teaching a clinic at Stanford University and at Eden Ranch in Sanger, Ca. California is fabulous in the spring time, as long as you have on sun-screen... ooops. I really enjoy the trips I get to take to the west coast, teaching is definitely a favorite part of my equestrian life. It's really a great feeling to be able to help people "learn" and feel how to better their riding and their horses.

I've also really enjoyed being able to help some youngsters come to the east coast and get a small "taste" of the differences from coast to coast. This summer Lauren Billys will be coming out to compete her mare and get a bit of work experience in a few different equestrian businesses.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Day 1 Jersey Fresh CIC ***

Charly and I were lucky enough to not get poured on during our warm up and I think Charly really appreciated the dry ground in the indoor when we did our test!

Last night I slept in my horse trailer and have never heard such hard rain, I woke up twice to downpours... it supposedly rained two inches, sounded like six! Mark Phillips and I talked on Wed evening and agreed that for Charly it would be best to do a condensed warm up as the footing was sure to be super sloppy. All worked out to plan, Charly had a long hand walk in the morning and a good walk hack with a 20+ min warm up. Mark said Charly looked the best that he's ever seen and all the US selectors that saw our ride agreed. We received a bit of a disappointing score of a 56, however, Couragous Comet received a 50 and he's a dressage king! Our score has us placed in 7th place, a place I'm quite happy to be in with this outstanding group.

Since we've moved up to Advanced this was our first test where we didn't have any oops moments; I'm thrilled to feel like we are now really riding at this level. I know our canter work has to continue to improve, I need to get Charly stronger in his collected canter so that he can maintain a better quality throughout the test. However, I finally got a really nice AND submissive medium canter and two clean changes :)

I got to walk around the cross country today with my coach, Boyd Martin, and we were both very impressed with the design and questions. Tomorrow we'll go out again and make a plan for Saturday. Cross your fingers that the rain goes away!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Havarah Twitter!

We are trying out this Twitter feed for keeping everyone updated at the events live, while it's going one. If you have an account already it's pretty simple. Just go to this link:

Click on the follow button and turn on your device updates if you'd like to get updates sent to your phone.

If you don't already have an account I would imagine you could still click on the above link and create one. It's a pretty simple process. I would suggest adding your phone if you'd like to get text updates. The updates will be short and sweet.

I'll be updating this weekend except of course when I'm riding. Bryce will probably do some updates as I'm riding. We'll twitter the times when I'm going in advance so you can stay tuned to the twitter feed at those times but we'll also try to include some other observations and goings on backside in the stall area and at the event in general.

Stay tuned and please email me if you have any further questions or just comment here on my blog.

P.S. - The search function on Twitter is not working for some reason so if your having any issues finding my twitter page please use the link I provided above.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Fair Hill starter trials

The Fair Hill starter trials were a great success! Beaugeste had his first event and was a very good pony, he thinks this sport might actually keep him entertained for awhile! I have big hopes for this big pony, he has enough character to fill an entire trailer and is brave enough to stand up to any task. This horse has an exciting future ahead of him. It was really nice that his owner, Lauren Lenfest, was able to come witness Beau's first outing.

Hannah Metz also had her first event and finished on her dressage score receiving 4th place! Hannah has improved by leaps and bounds and seems to be pretty hooked into this sport :)

Christine, Barb and Mary; all pretty seasoned eventers, had a fun and educational day. All taking away some good pointers for how to improve upon their competition. I am a big fan of these one day events, it's a great low key way to help you become a better competitor.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hannah's First XC school!

Hannah has been a student of mine since October of '08; All of her hard work paid off at her first cross country school this last Tuesday. Congrats Hannah and thank you for all the help so far this year!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fair Hill XC schooling and starter trial

I will be at Fair Hill on the 28th for anyone interested in cross country schooling.

Also I will be at the Fair Hill starter trial beginning of May if anyone is interested in coaching.

Good Luck!


May 11th and 12th in Palo Alto, Ca at Stanford University.
Email Meg Finn

May 13th and 14th in the Central Valley (Fresno, Clovis, Sanger).
Email Molly Rosin


Monday, April 20, 2009

Havarah students looking great in California!

Photo credits to Dr. Liz Bracken DVM and Billie Gentzler

Lauren Billiys finished 2nd at Twin Rivers in Paso Robles, Ca in the Training level. At Ram Tap in Fresno, Ca Val Burch rode in the Sr. Beginner Novice (qualifying for Area VI's championships!!), Jestine Burch-Butts putting a very polished ride, and Alyssa Hatai finishing her very first event with her lovely new young horse from the east coast... John Marshall also rode in this event with some pictures in an earlier blog, winning the sr beginner novice and qualifying for championships!

** Salt Water Spa **

Charly received tremendous care all weekend from his sponsors, The Fair Hill Therapy Center ( ). After a great run on Fair Hill's Advanced cross country track Charly had a well deserved Salt Spa treatment on Sunday night and Monday morning. Charly is a horse of a lifetime and it's exciting for me to have this great group of people to help me keep Charly in the best shape possible. Charly also began his Aqua tred training this morning; I'm really excited about being able to use this as a work-out back-up when the ground gets too hard for gallops this summer. Many thanks to Bruce and Amy Jackson and all the staff at the Fair Hill Therapy Center for all their generosity!

The Spring Fair Hill

Photo credits to Steve Berkowitz and Nestor Torres

This last weekend I competed Havarah's Charly and The Red Baron at the Spring Fair Hill event in Elkton, Md. The Red Baron is quickly becoming quite the crowd pleaser at these events; he completed his first training level this last weekend and had one of the largest fan clubs around. "Rudy" is a pleasure to train, compete and apparently watch! Rudy handled the increased height and technicality with complete ease, I'm very proud of this guy :)

Havarah's Charly and myself completed our third Advanced event and seem to be on a good track to our spring three day events. I feel like I know what I need to work on in order to produce some better scores in the dressage phase and I feel like Charly and I are really becoming a good team in the jumping phases. I trust Charly more than ever and if he could talk I think he would say the same.

This weekend was especially great as I was able to share it with many of our friends from the East Coast. Many thanks to Ann de Matteo, John, Bryce, Rosella, Nial, Moureen, Jane, Chuck, Steve B., Vance, Claire, Bruce, Amy, Traci, Caroline, Nestor, Christie, Becky, Connie, Hannah, Pattie and all the rest of our cheer squad!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center *New Sponsor*

Havarah's Charly and myself are proud to have a new sponsor added onto our team!

Taking care of an Advanced level event horse is much like keeping a human athlete at the top of their game; to keep them at their best it is important to do preventitive therapy and every once in awhile injuries occur and it's important to treat them immediately.

The "Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center" is a state of the art facility with equipment that helps to keep sport horses at their peak and help them return to competition after an injury.

I plan to use cold saltwater spa with Charly as an after work-out therapy. I have grown quite used to the standard ice boots and knee tubs but after having Charly use the saltwater spa today, I don't think anything will quite be the same! This spa is able to reach temperatures far lower than normal ice water and the salt water is helpful in reducing any inflammation that could have occurred from the work-out.

One of the best attributes of this therapy center is the highly trained staff that is there handling the horses. I was extremely impressed with the methodical and effective handling that Charly received today, I definitely would feel at ease leaving any horse there for a length of time.

This Friday evening the Therapy Center will be hosting an open house for all of us to learn more about the different therapy equipment that they have to offer. Please visit the site and if you are in the Elkton, Md area come over for a visit!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Havarah excitement back home in California!

It appears that many of my original Havarah students in California were out making me proud at the Ram Tap horse trials.

Our group was represented by Val Burch, Jestine Burch-Butts, Alyssa Hatai and John Marshall. From the sounds of it everyone had a great time, rode well and even brought home some nice ribbons! GO TEAM!! :)

Personal congratulations to John Marshall and his fabulous horse Cutamo on a win in the senior beginner novice.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Plantation Field Spring Horse Trials

I thought after enduring many wet and muddy days at horse trials this winter I had done my time; Yet again we had to bring out the trusty Dubarry boots and sludge through the mud. The gound was so wet that all the rigs had to be towed into and out of the parking lot!

The Red Baron competed in the open novice division as well as John Nunn and his horse Smiley. Both of the horses were saints and dealt with the conditions very well; Smiley pulled off both front shoes and still looked very elegant out there. John has been working diligently with this lovely TB, I'm quite proud of this combination. The Red Baron was hoping to use this weekend at novice as a preparation for his first training level next weekend at Fair Hill, but due to the deep going I decided to scratch from the jumping phases of the event. John and I both love riding at Plantation so we were both disappointed to not be able to take these young horses around this event. Rudy's owner and I were in agreement that the negative chances were too high to take the risk.

Next time!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

End of winter '08

After a great weekend in North Carolina at the gorgeous "Fork" facility I am home in Maryland and re-capping some of the great moments I had this last winter. It was wonderful for me to once again have a barn of horses in training, something I realize that I had really missed while I was earning my keep as an exercise rider at the track. I wouldn't give back any of the time I've spent with the racehorses; I feel like that has helped me in so many ways as a rider. However, I am excited to push forward and once again have an event horse and rider training and selling operation. I think having multiple horses to jump and compete really hones your skills and helps you become much more at ease on course.

Over the winter I was fortunate enough to work with Boyd and Silva Martin who are both fantastic riders. Watching them compete and school horses has been very beneficial for me. I think it's important to place yourself around riders and programs that you believe in and that will encourage you to strive for better out of yourself. I was also around Phillip Dutton and his program a substantial amount and am just amazed at the amount of product this business produces in such a short time; I definitely have high regards to Phillip and all that he has created.

I was also part of the developing riders program which I firmly believe helped me raise my standards to a whole new level. Captain Mark Phillips has trained many of America's best riders and I am very proud to be one of his current pupils. Whenever under Mark's guidance I felt not only the need to be great but the ability to find that path... Mark is a great coach and gives you the tools you need to find your way. This program is also great as it is helping those of us out that are on our way to the top instead of just the current team members being recognized. The Aiken Horse has some good articles and pictures of the developing riders, you can find them online at

Facility and support groups- definite must haves. Peter Barry built a lovely facility in Aiken that gave the horses true comfort which I think was vital to Charly's happiness! Peter also employs a fabulous rider/manager (Colleen) who was great to be around and work with day in and day out. Yoga yoga yoga. I definitely need to find a yoga facility and get onto a program here in Baltimore! It's amazing how you can take body awareness in a workout class and apply it to yourself while you are on a horse, I'm a total fan.

My last weekend down south was spent at The Fork with Charly competing in the Advanced division. I had a great warm up and really felt ready to go in an ride a powerful and accurate test; we achieved this at the trot scoring mainly 8's with a nine and a seven and then had not as great of canter work... All in all I still thought this was our best advanced test to date (only the third one) and we scored a 32 with change which put us tied for 5th place out of a challenging field of great combinations. The cross country was designed by Mark Phillips and had nearly all the same combinations on it as the three star, which made it a challenging course for Charly and I. Having said that I took three long routes, incurring some time faults but had the greatest feeling on course having a brave and honest true advanced competitor. Charly came off of the course really well and on Sunday morning put in a super show jumping round. The show jump course had been proving a difficult one to make the time and keep all the rails up; it was the first time on a show jump course that I really trusted Charly to send him really forward on the open sides knowing he'd come back in time to make a tight turn to a huge fence. It was thrilling to say the least! We ended up in 6th place behind famous pairs such as Stephen Bradly and Brandenburg's Joshua and Phillip Dutton with Connaught. I still can't believe I was in the same class as these super stars!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Red Baron wins his first ON

It was a red hot day at the Wednesday Sporting Days event in Aiken, SC but my ride and my students ride was well worth the day in the sun! Rudy aka The Red Baron completed his first novice level event, scoring a 29.0 in dressage and jumping lovely clear rounds in show jumping and cross country. This little guy is quite the character and has been a joy to have in the barn. He'll do one more novice while he is here in Aiken and then he will return to Port Deposit in April. At that point we'll do another novice if he needs the experience but at this rate we might see him in the training class at Fair Hill!

John Nunn came over to compete his lovely young horse, Smile Like you Mean It. John, the owner of our favorite tack store, Bit of Britain, is a life long horseman that is just getting "back in the tack" after a bit of a hiatus. Smiley is one of the loveliest off the track TB's that I've seen and John has done a great job giving Smiley the time and education that he needs to learn that eventing is supposed to be a calmer more peaceful sport than racing :) Today Smiley didnt show any tension or nervousness in the dressage and very safely jumped all his jumps. John has a novice at Southern Pines and then will be back in Md. Smiley, John and I had a great time together here in Aiken and I'm excited for our continued efforts back at home.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pine Top Advanced Horse Trials

"I survived 2009 Advanced Horse Trials at Pine Top!"
That's what the T-shirts say and that's how I feel! Thomson, Georgia had an incredible amount of rain Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Luckily the sand ground held up to these storms remarkably well and the show management made some safe choices about how to proceed with the running of the event.

Advanced did dressage and show jumping on Friday; This was the first ever dressage test for both Charly and I with flying changes, I think both of us were anxious to see how that worked out and both happy to have the first one out of the way! It was truly pouring rain during our show jumping but that didn't stop Charly from sailing through the air over each of the fences, it did have me a bit apprehensive about making the inside turns so we incurred a few time faults but no jump faults.

I rode an Intermediate horse on Saturday, Toast of Manhatten (owned by Liz Patrick of Waters Edge Farm) and he had to deal with even more rain than Charly did. This horse has improved by leaps and bounds and was a bit shorted on Saturday for his dressage efforts but he'll be out again at Southern Pines to show off some of his new skills. Manhatten is the true meaning of a "mudder" he cantered around his show jumping course in the downpour without any studs and didn't miss a beat. Manhatten didn't get to run cross country as the management decided that only Advanced would go on Sunday after a horrible storm throughout Saturday evening.

Charly and I headed out for our first ever Advanced cross country in yet again another downpour. There were some really big fences and a few definite advanced questions, Charly was so smart about all of it, he hasn't forgotten a thing from last season. The courses footing actually held up quite well, there was just standing water on about 70% of the course. I've never been hunting in Ireland but I suppose this is a bit what it's like. My main objective for the weekend was to give both Charly and myself confidence at this level and gives us a good place to start out for the rest of our endeavors. Despite the weather I think we did just that. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

United States Equestrian Team Developing Rider's Training Session week 1

Being put on the developing riders list for 2009 was exciting in itself but partaking in the experience was really a dream come true. Everyone always asks what my goals are, in reality I've always just wanted to become better than I was the day before, the competition before and train my current horse with more style than the last one. Then there is always that peep of conversation my dad and I had when I was 8 years old.... My dad always said that one day I'd be good enough to ride for the USET, my dad was a very smart man!

Captain Mark Phillips was the coach for the entire week, he trained the "Training List" riders and the "Developing Riders list". Our first session was at Paradise Farm in Aiken, SC. This day was focused to fine tuning your cross country position, aids, and mental strength! This was Charly's first go at some cross country schooling exercises for the year so I was a bit apprehensive as to how he'd behave, I was very pleasantly surprised and had a fantastic school.

The rest of the sessions were held at Three Runs Plantation, a new equestrian housing development in Aiken, SC. Three Runs really treated us well, the footing was phenomenal, everyone was very friendly, and they held a great brunch for the riders and spectators.

Mark worked with Charly and I a total of 4 times. After the cross country schooling we then proceeded to flat sessions; Mark really like Charly's presence and movement but thought that we could work a little on submissiveness! No more being a bully! I thought this was a fabulous idea and was really impressed with how much we got done in the couple of days. Charly and I ended our last session getting to do two show jump rounds. Mark had a course set up that was HUGE. The idea of the jump school was to be very accurate with how the horse was ridden to each jump, and to dare myself and the horse to get quite close to each fence so that he really had to give a good bascule over the top.

Mark will be coming back over to the US in March and Charly and I have been invited back to his next set of training sessions :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Charly starts off 2009 with style!

Havarah's Charly is back at it! We competed at Pine Top in the Intermediate on Saturday, his first event of the season. Charly is normally pretty difficult to ride in the short court arenas, but this year he was so much better and more rideable. He scored a 28.3 which put him in the lead of a very impressive class. If Charly could smile he would have had a grin from ear to ear as he flew over each of the show jumps, I saw his picture and he was nearly to the top of the standards! Pine Top is a great place and I can't wait to go back at the end of the month and take Charly out on the XC. Charly has only just gotten back to jumping this year and I didn't want to push things taking him XC this weekend. Charly was withdrawn from the competition after SJ so that he will be fresh and ready for our week with the developing riders training sessions.

I had a second ride at Pine Top. A horse named Toast of Manhattan; This horse has come a long way in just the few weeks I've been riding him, I think he has a lot of un-tapped potential and am excited for his cross country run today :)

Friday, February 13, 2009


Just wanted to let you all know that I now have a website and would love for you all to check it out! I plan to keep it up-dated and would love for you to visit it often :)
Web design credits and thanks to Bryce Kinnamon!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Aiken- week 2

Greetings from the south!

Charly and I are on our second week at "Maple Hill South"; this is the farm Charly and the other horses I have in training are staying at while we are in Aiken. Peter Barry and his family have out-done themselves with this facility and with their kindness having us here.

Last Friday Charly had his first jump school of the season, saying that he felt like he was king kong was an understatement. Usually when horses come off of a big three day event they either are a bit intimidated the next time they start up, or very proud of themselves. Charly was definitely confident in his ability! This week has been very exciting; Tuesday was the first day that Charly and I worked on our "changes", Charly thought this was a pretty cool new game and was very good with his hind end. (often horses change late behind, but luckily... so far at least, this doesn't seem to be a problem) We then had our second jump school on Wednesday and Charly and I were back in the game as the saying goes. He felt phenomenal, after not jumping him for awhile you forget the good feeling that he gives you over a fence. Both of these rides were very early in the morning and I felt like we were in some sort of movie as we set off on a trail ride before dawn to get over to our lesson site, interestingly enough Charly seemed to really enjoy his early morning workouts.

Charly has adapted to his routine here very well, he enjoys tormenting his young pasture friend, who luckily allows Charly to boss him around and thankfully doesn't give back any "hoof"! This weekend will be his first outing at a competition. We are going to "Pine Top" which is about an hour and a half from where we stay. Charly will definitely do dressage and then Boyd and I are going to discuss the course and decide what is best for Charly at that point. Next week we have a pretty full plate with the Developing riders training sessions. Cross country schooling with Mark Phillips on Wednesday, then dressage lessons and maybe a show jump lesson.

Aiken is an incredible place to be for anyone wanting to do horse stuff, and more horse stuff. Every week there are shows within 15 minutes to a couple hours away; cross country schoolings, derby's, dressage schooling shows, training sessions and regular events. I've been busy with the other rides in the barn which include a few young horses starting their eventing careers and an Intermediate event horse that is here to tune up his dressage and show jumping skills. The Red Baron is one of the young ones and he helped start off my season on a good note with a win at his first ever event :)

Hope you are all well and staying warm, come visit!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Aiken- week 1

My first four days here in Aiken have been a wonderful whirlwind! I arrived very late Sunday night to a gorgeous facility owned by Peter Barry. The next day I was kept busy from sun up to sun down, un-packing and organizing tack, feed, and equipment for the four horses that came with me and then meeting the 5th horse that arrived late Monday evening. I did, however, manage to meet Katie, my new roomate, the two of us are living in a double wide half a mile down the street from the horses 4 star accomadations! I have my priorities straight! Oh and I also took my first hack in Aiken; Charly and I followed Peter, Coleen and Alexandra over to Phillip Duttons to watch them in their jump lessons and learn the paths.

Tuesday was a bit of a learning curve figuring out which horses to turn out together and when. Everything worked itself out and now everyone has great buddies and neighbors and a schedule that suits them. That day we finished getting all of the 5th horses stuff settled and managed to get everyone ridden!

Wednesday was a nice lovely day with 20 degree weather and a wind chill that made it feel like 14 degree weather. I made it over to Full Gallop farm to watch the horse trials, but after a half hour decided to head back to our barn and ride in hopes of warming up!

Thursday was again a busy day, John Nunn and I unloaded an entire truck load of hay and then went cross country schooling. His young horse, Smiley, and Lynn's young horse, Rudy, both were total champions. I was very impressed with how well John and Smiley are doing in considerations of Smiley's greeness and extremely pleased with how easy going and smart Rudy is.

Today Charly and Manhatten (Liz Patrick's horse that I'll be competing this month) are heading over to have a jump school with Boyd Martin.... Then I believe there'll be some body clipping going on this weekend in preparation for the 70 degree weather that's supposedly soon to come!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Aiken preparation

Charly and the team are down to the last few days of withstanding the cold winter in Maryland before our trip down to Aiken, SC for February and March. Yesterday the accumulation of snow from the preceeding storm had a frozen layer of rain on the top and the entire countryside looked like one big ice skating arena. I spent the day running errands and organizing my rig and felt pretty accomplished...I then took things one step too far and attempted to hook up the trailer...oops! Luckily there were a few very friendly people with big trucks around! Bubba got pulled out, stayed hooked up while getting hooked up to the trailer and THEN pulled up and out the driveway! PHEW. It was nice to have help and get that done, but I really REALLY need to work on getting a 4wd truck.

Charly has a few friends coming on the road trip with us. A lovely mare named ULLA (sale horse), Manhatten (an Intermediate horse I'll be competing in Feb) and Smiley (John Nunn's young horse). Once I'm down and settled in there will be 1-3 more horses arriving; SO if you're looking for a few fun months in Aiken, I'd love a working student :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nunn Finer

I am proud to announce that I'll be a Nunn Finer sponsored rider for 2009!

Nunn Finer products are offered through Bit of Britain ( and many other tack stores throughout the United States; the company produces products that us eventers really need! They have very good quality bridles, breastplates, girths, boots and more.

Nunn Finer riders will be holding free course walks at events throughout the United States with Nunn Finer sponsored riders, I believe I'll be doing some course walks come Fall. Usually each event has a flyer up near the score board, definitely try to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Thank you Nunn Finer!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Waters Edge Farm

Waters Edge Farm in Sykesville, Md

This farm is owned by Liz Patrick and right in the heart of Maryland eventing... did I mention it has a beautiful new barn with bedrooms and a kitchen upstairs? There's a big outdoor, an indoor some cross country jumps, trails, pastures and soon to be lots of clinics with me! The Waters Edge clinics are open for riders to haul in, stay over or just to come watch. I'm excited to meet and help out a new group of riders. I can't wait to see all the things we can do at this lovely facility.

For information on boarding or my up-coming 2009 clinics please contact
Liz Patrick