Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stuart Re-Cap

Charly and I went to Stuart this last weekend to figure out where we were in our cross country game, since as you all know Bromont didn't go very well. Dressage at Stuart went very well, finishing in 3rd - just .2 behind the competitive Jennie Brannigan and the Olympian Leslie Law. (skipping ahead) ... Show jumping was the best round Charly and I have ever ever done (on Sunday). The cross country course had many accuracy questions, just as we expected. Charly sailed through all the ones that I had thought would cause us difficulty but we did have 2 run outs at two different combinations. This is so un-like Charly and was quite disappointing. There has been a lot of analyzation going on in my head about why this is happening and I wish that there was an easy answer. After riding show jumping on Sunday I got a feeling on Charly of complete together-ness and I felt like we could do ANYTHING. I keep coming back to the the necessity of teamwork with this horse. And that's what we need to get created in cross country, again. We have had it in the past and I know we'll get it again.

Besides Charly Havarah had a grand crew; I rode a fabulous young horse named "Sprite"--- she jumped incredibly all weekend and is preparing for Preliminary in '11. I also was proud coach to two 6th place students in the training level, Katelyn Jackson and Collin Reynolds.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

One day- An extreme to another extreme

Today we left Pennsylvania and brought, Charly, Sprite and two students horses to the beautiful Stuart horse trials. A great trip in the morning, good rides, nice HOT course walk... then it was time to go to the Hotel. By this point we all agreed that we couldn't number our preferences which included -eating -showering and -sleeping. Well all three got a huge delay when we arrived at "The Budget Inn". I was in charge of hotel accomadations -told to book 2 rooms and of course I found the most economical place (that's just my style). NO GOOD. This place was so scary, that I was afraid of becoming the next tv show on 20/20. The manager and his family kept making up policies which basically made it impossible to get our money back. I finally caved and decided to leave, money in hand or not. I'm hoping to find a way to dispute the charge. Irregardless, I learned a lesson today... pay the extra $10 a night for clean sheets, and nice people.

Now as we fled the scene and caught up with the second half of our party at TGIF- a new plan was instilled. All hotels were called and the only one with a room left was the top of the line fancy one. We all agreed to have a sleepover together and bunk it up in the NICE place. When we arrived they came with a golf cart to help us carry our bags. The beds are fluffy, the people smile, and I am clean from a nice shower... life is once again good, and Im off to bed!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Mouse House Farm

Mouse House Farm

Is the breeder of Havarah Equestrian's newest addition "The Diesel Boy" aka LETO. Leto has a fast and sound TB sire (Lyracist) and a Westphalian dam that has more than a couple quite competant Dutch ancestors. Bryce Kinnamon is the proud owner of this horse and the two of us have big plans for this horse. For now, since he's only 3, he will enjoy a peaceful summer at the farm. He is a pleasure to work with both on the ground and when riding, I'm soooo excited about this one!

For information on more horses like Leto visit...

JUNE 2010 Camp

Here at Inspo we're enjoying a week of wonderful weather and lots of good fun. The kids are off to a starter trial this Saturday and have each been hard at work in preparation. They are pictured here with "The Diesel Boy", our 3 year old that is one of are projects this summer.

Good luck to all my girls this weekend!