Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cecil County Fair Domination

I am so incredibly proud of Team Havarah.

I mean I'm always proud of everyone, but today I'm super duper proud!

With summer comes one of my favorite things in life: county fairs! With those fairs come jumper shows, playgrounds for us eventers who use these as great schooling opportunities.

Two members of our team, Maddie and Kim Parisan (mother and daughter domination combo) cleaned up the ribbons.

Maddie got two 1sts and a second, plus she was Champion in the 3'6 division. Her mom, Kim, won all three of the 3'3 classes she entered. Freaking awesome!

Molly competed Grady and Cody, two absolutely adorable Connemara's from Pam Liddell's Kynynmont Farm. Both did well and will be competing in their first Beginner Novice this weekend at the Jersey Horse Park. I can't stress enough how much we all love these ponies (and horses) that Pam brings to us. Connemara's are quickly becoming one of my favorites breeds!

The rest of the Havarah team was there to represent as well! Hannah took Anna, Shadney finally got to get her mare, Ella, back in the ring and boyfriend Andy took his handsome man, Beau.

Last but not least, Bit of Britain and Nunn Finer owner/one of Havarah's leading men, John Nunn, was there with his new "red" horse. He said out of 31 jumps he only had three rails all day and was very happy with his green youngster. "Red Horse" obviously is a chestnut and both Molly and John are very excited about his promise as an event prospect.

Everyone was a champ and had a great time. Stay tuned for this weekend because Molly heads out to the Jersey Horse Park with five horses in tow: Sprite, Benny and Rivan will compete prelim, Cody and Grady will compete beginner novice.

John and his daughter Jenn will also be competing, John training on Smile Like You Mean It "Smiley" and Jenn on her spotted mare, Maiden.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hannah "Banana" Metz

"Hannah is Molly's right hand." This is one of the first things our barn manager Kara Flood uttered to me when I was visiting Havarah in October - such accurate words.

Hannah perhaps knows Molly's needs better than Molly herself. I don't know how, but she always knows which goes with what and exactly how Molly will like something done.

She is always one step ahead too. If I'm helping her pack the trailer for a show by the time I think of something we need she's already packed it!

Hannah's great with the horses and absolutely loves and adores each and every one of them. She literally loves what she does and takes those extra five minutes to make sure every piece of crud is curried off a horse's legs, or washing a horse's tail because it's looking a little dirty.

I have never met anyone like Hannah. She's honest, sweet, hard working, and just all around pleasant. I know? Are we talking about a teenager here?

Hannah met Molly when she and her mom went to watch her ride at Fair Hill in the interest of training with Molly. Pattie, Hannah's mom, respected the way Molly dealt with a spook from Charly in dressage - calm, cool, collected - and signed Hannah up for lessons.

Being that she's home-schooled Hannah has a lot of time during the day to work around the barn. I believe Hannah has worked for Molly for a little over two years - and has loved every day of it. Molly enjoys making the barn a learning experience for Hannah. Whether it be doing calculations as to how long supplements will last or making grooming a horse an educational experience - Hannah, in my opinion, attends the coolest school in the world!

In addition, Hannah has a beautiful gray thoroughbred Mare, Anna's Band. Yes - Anna and Hannah - thus the reason I started calling her "Banana" in Aiken because I kept calling Hannah Anna and visa versa. Anna is a five-year-old, off the track mare who is teaching Hannah the thrills of bringing along a young, green horse.

The pair has competed in two unrecognized beginner novices and are excited for their first recognized! Hannah as been extremely patient in the training process and loves her dappled gray filly.

Though she is just starting her eventing career on this mare, Hannah has been in it for a while. She goes to every show Molly goes to, because she pretty much is the horse-show master. She always keeps everything so organized and under control at the trailer. While Molly is hopping from horse to horse, Hannah is taking care of everything back at the trailer.

She is impressive.

Stop by and say "hey" to Hannah at shows - she most likely will be wearing a red CWD shirt and a red CWD hat - she loves to rock the sponsors.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shadney "Shad" Elwell

Shadney is the newest member of the Havarah team joining us back in April.

Another California transplant (those seem to be common here at Havarah), Shadney moved out to be with boyfriend, Andrew Goodwin, Molly's CWD rep.

Shadney started riding pretty much when she was born as her mom had always had horses. She started eventing when she was 13 or so and guess what? She caught the bug and has been doing it ever since!

Before taking the plunge into the East Coast lifestyle, Shadney trained with well-known California trainer, Robyn Fisher-Nash at Mill Creek right outside of LA.

Shadney and her 15.3 hand paint mare Ella are now in full training with Molly in hopes of moving up to training at their next show.

OK. So when one says a horse is a "paint" you're thought process usually takes you back to old western movies or quarter horses barrel racing - not a bay, without a mark on her, who moves like a warmblood and jumps like a thoroughbred.

Nope. She's not half dutch or whatever type of warmblood paints are being bred to these days. She's 100 percent racing paint.

Shadney acquired this little ball of energy when she was two turning three. Ella or "Picture of Ellagance" was bred by Kings Corner Training Stables.

Shadney broke and trained this girl and when meeting the two of them it is immediately understood: this is her baby.

This pair's claim to fame is right before moving out East they took 1st at Twin Rivers, finishing on their dressage score of 14. I mean.... how many paints can do that?

It has been great having this team around. Shadeny fits right in at the land of the little people standing at a whopping 5'4". She is also a very good rider and all the horses seem to really like her - including little Zia who has become her second little mare in a way.

Shadney, at 24, has a long career ahead of her in the horse world. You will definitely be seeing her and Ella in the ribbons and moving up through the levels.

Plus, you may recognize Shadney and myself at horse shows rocking out to either Britney Spears or Steel Panther... feel free to stop on by and say hi!

Ella's father: Tribal King... not much family resemblance....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Movin' on Up

For those of you weekly followers, it's been a crazy couple of weeks.

Although we haven't yet begun profiling the four legged creatures owned by those who keep Havarah Equestrian running on a day to day basis - the working students - I thought it best to do a quick recap of the excitement we at the farm have had in the past couple weeks.

Like any professional, even though Molly had to deal with the tragedy of Clyde's injury, she had to keep her horses in training moving, and showing.

Hard work definitely pays off - Molly had a very successful two weeks at the Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy. Last weekend she took home the blue on Archie, solidifying his readiness to move up from novice to training.

Sabrina moved from prelim to intermediate this past weekend, Rivan and Benny moved up to prelim, Leto moved to novice, and Archie, Indie and Ankhe took a go at training level.

Molly was extremely proud of all of her mounts. Sabrina cruised around the intermediate course like she'd been doing it all her life, Benny put in his best test yet, Indie took 5th and Archie was a superstar.

While it is always exciting to hear how the horses did at the show, I find it even more exciting to look at their careers. The majority of these horses began their careers in Aiken, and now they are competing at training and preliminary!

In addition, When I first joined the Havarah team back in October, Molly's business was really starting to take off. However, Charly was, at the time, her big horse. When he wasn't able to finish the Fair Hill International and had to take time off for an injury, Molly's upper level entries had to be put somewhat on hold.

Now, she has three horses competing preliminary and one horse intermediate - all of us at Havarah are so proud of her! We also can expect to see these training horses making the jump to prelim in the near future. Leto can take it a little slower and enjoy novice as he's still only four! :).

Furthermore, all of these horses, and one incredible pony, are very talented and are expected to keep movin' on up.

What an amazing time this must be for Molly: to walk down her barn aisle and look in the eyes of her possible international competitors.

I can't imagine the pride and excitement she must feel on a daily basis, knowing she has the ability to ride incredible horses and help them reach their full potential.

One thing I am able to have a read on his watching Molly's partnership develop with these horses. She has come to predict their actions, know what they need to push them to the next level - these horses truly trust her. They have developed from "horses in training" to partnerships. I have personally only managed this with one horse, it must be wonderful to be able to ride so many horses and have a special relationship with each one.

Havarah Equestrian is also awaiting the arrival of a few more horses shortly! We will be receiving some more of the Connemara's we have come to love and a brother to a dutch warmblood/paint. We are excited for some more future superstars!

Lastly, Clyde is looking fabulously healthy, perky and ambitious. He's already got his eyes back on Panda awaiting his moment when he will be able to begin stalking her again.

Amazingly, all is well and better than normal at the barn. Funny how things work out.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Before I start the next profile, I wanted to again thank everyone for their continual support of Molly and Clyde. We will continue to keep you posted on his progress and if you wish to donate to his recovery please find donation links at the end of each Clyde related blog.

Now, it is time to get you back on track with getting to know our horses at Havarah.

The next little lady to enjoy the spotlight it Zia - I call her a warrior princess (I mean doesn't her name sound like one?) - standing at 15h Zia is a petite, but talented, 4 year old TB mare.

Zia came to Molly from well-known racehorse trainer, Janet Elliot, back in November or December.

When she arrived, she was an adorable mini mare standing at 14.1h. A pony thoroughbred!

She was completely green - but I could instantly tell she was intelligent. It's just one of those mare things I love: when you teach her something, she pays attention and learns fast.

Zia stayed out in pasture when we went to Aiken - at the time she had just turned four - to relax and mature. When we were down in Aiken, Molly was planning on selling her as a pony racer - but that changed when we got back - SHE GREW!

Zia's training really began when we got back from Aiken, but now she is one of Molly's working students, Shadney's, favorite rides.

She is a good little jumper too - consistent between fences and as I said before, smart.

This mare is not at all mareish. I really haven't seen her be cranky or purposely nasty, she really is an upbeat filly. Always peeking her head out her window welcoming your arrival with a whinny.

She has the most peculiar facial marking, it starts as a blaze, but then curves off to the left in the middle of her face, never making it down to her nose. In addition, she has the kindest eyes.

As you may have guessed this little girl is for sale. She's waiting to be some one's talented little project, so If you are interested email

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Clyde is Home!

About 30 minutes ago Molly and Bryce rolled up to the farm, Clyde in tow.

It took a little while for Molly to exit the vehicle as everyone seemed to purposely wait around to witness Clyde's return - and therefore he received pets and sweet voices from everyone still at the farm.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Clyde. He looks GREAT!

I expected him to be under the weather, but he was happy, licking, smiling... it is incredible.

As Rob, one of the Havarah employees, stated, "you got nine lives boy!" I have to agree with Molly an Bryce - we hope he doesn't use up any more of them.

Clyde is a fighter that is for sure. The doc said he definitely tested life's limits and is a strong pup to make it through what he did.

While everyone here is happy to have Clyde back I think he will be missed at the hospital (of course he was the favorite).

Clyde will pretty much live inside for two weeks. He will be allowed to go outside to use the facilities but definitely no playing allowed. He is, however, encouraged to walk a little bit if he is so inclined.

He will go back to visit the doctor in two weeks and then he will begin H20 therapy.

Words can't express how much of a toll this accident has had on everyone here at Havarah. Although he is Molly's dog, Clyde has touched us all and is a part of everyone's life.

Not to mention we love Molly. Seeing her as she's been the past few days made me keep my fingers crossed that Clyde would return home as he did today - looking happy and well.

A sigh of relief was let out when I saw Molly sitting in the back of Bryce's Lexus, holding Clyde, with a smile across her face - her baby is home. Thank goodness.

We continue to thank everyone for your support and helping Molly and Bryce make it through this week. It's an uphill battle from here, but Clyde is a tough little guy and I have confidence he will make a full recovery.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Road to recovery...

Bryce and I went to visit Clyde today. We had some great riders over from Chicago, Ill finishing up some horse try-outs this AM. It was wonderful to meet Alex and re-visit with Jennie- both of these are riders of the future and I would be so proud if Alex ends up with one of our Havarah horses. This morning was as much as I could do at the barn today, I was desperate to go see Baby Clyde.

Luckily Bryce has been hanging out with me and here to help get things done so that as much positive energy as possible can go to our boy. I'm a mess, there's no two ways about it. Getting Clyde through the surgery was the biggest feat, for us emotionally, the surgeon mentally and Clyde physically. Clyde is a champ, a good eater and a lover... that's why he's going to make it.

Bryce and I were like little kids the anticipation was too much- and perhaps too built up. I started to cry as soon as I saw Clyde. My Mr Smiles was not so smiley and instead full of bruising in his legs and pretty sleepy from the exhaustion. However, he was well enough aware that his mommy came in and I promptly got a sweet little kiss which meant the world to me. Bryce and I stayed there as long as they'd let us, Clyde loves to cuddle and we figured we could at least give him some company for his nap. Probably the best part about the trip was Clyde's joy when his daddy gave him some fresh turkey off of his sub from Cappriotti's. Clyde loves good food :)just like his dad.

I know my post sounds dreary, but really he is doing as good or better than expected. I know how lucky we are to still have Clyde and am not in any way minimizing that. The vets think he is doing so well and being such a good patient that we'll be able to bring him home tomorrow. They havent given us a list of after care but I know it will be pretty intensive for a few days. At the current moment he has a catheter in for urination- this should come out and I'm sure the little man will need some help maneuvering out to go do his duties. Like any surgery blood clots are of concern so I'll be making sure to help him with rotating in his nap positions and within a short time I'll help him with his PT. I think we are going to choose swimming as a re-hab option! Clyde luckily loves water and just went swimming on the 4th of July... so he's all ready to go!

Once again, all of you following and giving us encouragement and support - you guys rock!! Really, we need you and thank you so much.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Clyde had the surgery!

Just wanted to up date all of Hopper's followers. Clyde (aka Hopper) went under anesthesia around 2pm this afternoon and we received a call at 6pm that they were finished.

There was no question that this great little pup needed surgery - as you can tell from this radio graph his legs look like multiple chopsticks instead of the former strong legs that used to help him with his leaping bounds in and out of the creek and around the field on trot sets. It was a huge financial undertaking but I couldnt not give back to this puppy that has in one year given me an incredible amount of joy. Life just isnt the same without Clyde.

Today in the surgery he recieved plates and screws in the leg with one break. His other leg, the more intensive part of the surgery, had 3 breaks and needed plates, screws and wires. While the doc was in there he realized that Clydes leg was still a little TOO loose. It was due to his right ACL being torn. So that got a little mend as well.

For now they advised us to let him sleep and rest tonight. We are allowed to visit him tomorrow and at some point Wednesday or Thursday we will get to take him home! Bryce, Quigley and I are incomplete with out Baby Clyde and are all so anxious to have him here.

Clyde has lots of friends- he will need to stay away from the 4 legged ones for awhile as they will be too much for his weak body. BUT all 2 legged friends are welcome after he settles back in. I know he's been through a lot of trauma and I cant wait for him to be back to thinking life is wonderful.

We will keep the up-dates coming, but hopefully from here forward no news is good news!

Our link was broken earlier for Clydes relief fund so we are just reposting it here. Thanks to everyone and anyone for your support, well wishes and prayers. We really do appreciate it.

The story of Saturday night

To all my friends and family who are wanting to know what happened to my poor Clyde. Below is the story of Saturday night.

We had gotten home from a long day at Loch Moy HT- it was a good day- Kynymont's Absolutely Irish had all the pieces come together and was foot perfect for a win on a 28. The other two horses that went did great as well. However, a horse at home had a little mishap during the day, so at 9pm Clyde and I went out to do some cold hosing to help out the injured horse. Clyde loves hanging out at the barn and is really one of those great dogs that is just happy getting to be involved. Probably about 9:15 Clyde left the wash stall area, I thought nothing of this as he has a best friend at the barn, Panda his cat girlfriend, normally if he left me that meant he was over staring at Panda. At 9:30 I went back to the house and intended to see him starring into Panda's eyes in lust, but I didn't. He wasn't at the house either. Figuring he was hanging out in the hay loft with the other cats I took a quick shower. Expecting to see him inside the house as I got out- he hadn't had dinner and he doesn't like to miss a meal!

Clyde wasn't there and at that point and time my best hope was that he got stuck in a stall, tack room, feed room or some spot that he must've snuck into and then the door closed on him (this has happened twice in the past). After a mad dash through the barns looking for him, a neighbor came driving by our farm saying that there was a loose horse at the end our road. I knew it wasnt ours, but wanting to help whatever horse I grabbed Hannah and off we went to see who's horse it was. It was an Amish pony and the kids had collected him before we even got there. So now Hannah and I start another round of furiously trying to get Clyde. Must've been interesting for the neigbhbors because Clyde has a lot of names; "Clyde, Clydski, Hopper, Hopps, Hop-skotch, Hopper-doodle, Hopper and Clyde the Glyde Drexler" he wasnt answering to any of them. This is all totally abnormal, Clyde loves people and he doesnt ignore us. I was very scared at this point, had never LOST an animal before and didn't know how I was ever going to find Clyde in the dark. Awhile into this we called MJ down and her and her dog Fin Fin (Clyde's other best friend) came down to join the search.

We searched for what seemed an eternity- finally I was walking off of the road onto our farm property to try to re-group and decide what to do now. It was pitch black and very hard to see anything (we did have flashlights). Luckily right then I heard the faintest whisper of help from Clyde. I only got it once and it was faint but I know his voice so well I knew it was him. I ran in the direction of his cry and found him laying in a ditch beside the road. This is so hard to write and was soooo hard to see. My child had been hurt and hurt badly enough he couldnt move at all nor talk. (Clyde has an excellent voice, if you've never heard him sing, when he gets all better I'm sure he'd love to give you a solo) The thing about Clyde is he doesnt' have a mean bone in his body and is/was nieve to all the negative in the world. He was such a happy go lucky guy. Its so painful to witness him hurting.

MJ, Hannah and Myself in midst of balling and fear got a lot done in a few minutes and called a few different emergency places and decided on one in Newcastle, DE. Chuck Arensburg, a vet himself and dog lover had suggested this place to me... said they'd be able to help Clyde. In the car and as fast as the little BUG would go we were off to DE. Clyde would go through periods of times of being very still, scarily still- then he would shake- then he would move his head around and be seeming to try to move, but couldn't. Hannah and I kept talking to him and trying to keep him fighting to make it. I didn't know how much bleeding was going on internally or how badly off we really were.

Clyde didn't look like he was run over- there was only one small cut on the inside of his hind leg. This has been tough for me to not know what happened to him that was enough to hurt him so badly.

Clyde arrived at the Vet Emergency Hospital and the immediately took over- again tough for me to sit back and not be with Clyde, so scared he could just leave us at anytime. Clyde was being tough, tougher than me. To try and wrap up my long story we found out that Clyde broke his femurs. One in 3 spots and the other in 1 spot. His bones look like Chop Sticks. Luckily from what we can tell no damage to his spine, and other internal pieces.

The surgeon is about to see him now and I should be able to consult with him within the hour- I'm really trying to stay hopeful. Baby Clyde is loved by so many and I hope with all my heart that one day soon he'll be back over here making everyone smile.

Many thanks for keeping up with me and my family over here in PA. Love all of you guys!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Clyde Update

Hello again.

Thanks to everyone for your constant support and words of encouragement.

Clyde for sure has two broken legs, both femurs. One leg is broken straight across in one spot and his other leg is broken all the way through in three spots.

We know he wasn't hit by a car as he most likely would not be alive. In addition, there were no spinal or internal injuries. Both injuries were localized to his two hind legs.

At the moment, we suspect he was attacked - by who or what we do not know.

Clyde needs surgery and Molly needs your help. The Femur surgery itself is $3,000 per leg but Molly is already $2,000 in for the emergency visit and stay. Femur fractures mean a large loss of blood, and therefore Clyde will most likely need blood transfusions as well.

In addition, before Clyde can have the surgery Molly has to pay half of the cost up front. She needs help.

All we ask is if you were planning on sending flowers, make a donation to Clyde instead. This donation will aid in his recovery.

This is a difficult time for Molly, and this is a difficult thing for her to ask, but Clyde is dear to everyone at Havarah and therefore we hope those who are part of our team, and family, will aid in making sure Clyde is jogging cross country courses soon.

To make a donation click the Donate button below which will take you to Havarah Equestrians PayPal site where you can make a secure payment, or mail checks to Molly Rosin, 350 Sproul Rd Kirkwood, PA 17536. Every bit will go to Clydes bills, nothing else!

Thoughts and Prayers for Clyde

Hi everyone.

Unfortunately this blog will not be as chipper and warm as the others but we felt you all should know what was going on with us today.

Last night around 9:30 p.m. Molly's boarder terrier, Clyde, went missing. After about 45 minutes of searching Molly found Clyde in the ditch across the street, completely in shock.

We are unclear as of now what exactly happened. We live on Sproul Rd in Kirkwood, PA and though the speed limit is 35 mph, people drive at least 50. Clyde and my dog Finley have always seemed intrigued by wondering across this busy, dangerous road. We have always taken serious precautions and kept watchful eyes to keep our dogs off the road, but we've always been fearful that something like this may happen.

Luckily, we found Clyde not long after his accident. There weren't any major contusions on the exterior of his body, but he wasn't moving and we could tell at least one hind leg was broken - and hoped there were no internal injuries.

Molly and Hannah were able to find an address for an emergency animal hospital in Lancaster and wrapped Clyde up in a towel and whipped him off.

I cannot say much about what happened at the hospital but Molly updated me this morning that Clyde needs surgery (and may be in surgery as we speak) with two broken femurs. He is a lucky little guy as there wasn't any damage to his internal organs and his spine is in tact.

However, at least one of his legs is broken in multiple places.

I don't know how, but Molly still managed to leave what is the equivalent to her child in the hands of vets and make it home last night (or early this morning) to take Rivan and Benny to Loch Moy. There is no doubt in my mind that she is a very strong person.

Bryce is on his way to the hospital to be with Clyde today. He is stable and as of now we are just waiting to hear final results after surgery.

We ask that you all send your thoughts and prayers to Clyde, Molly and Bryce. I have spent so much time blogging about how much we love our horses - but along with the horses - our dogs are our children, best friends, and part of our soul.

If you wish to send condolences or flowers email Molly at or Molly Rosin, 350 Sproul Rd, Kirkwood, PA 17536.

Thank you for all your support and we hope to have good news for you soon.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy Domination

Molly hanging tent-side at Loch Moy

Do you guys remember that adorable horse Archie who I blogged about not too long ago?


Knowing these horses as well as I do, I become extraordinarily proud of them when they kick some major butt!

The crew left at 5 a.m. this morning, after a Havarah sleep over in the main house, with four horses.

Molly took Archie and Tux to compete novice, Molly's student Collin took her horse Midas to compete prelim and Shadney, Molly's working student, took her boyfriend's horse, Beau, novice.

I wanna give a shout out to Shadney for her resourcefulness as she was entered training this weekend with her mare, Ella, however, Ella had somewhat of a butt malfunction and thus Shadney kept her entry with her boyfriend's Beau and came in 4th!

What can you do? It's horses - sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.

In addition, the crew created their own "Sponsorship Tent" at Loch Moy.

Molly is so grateful for her very supportive and generous sponsors. Thank you to Charles Owen, CWD, Ecogold, Equinature, Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center, Go Advanced, McCauley's and Nunn Finer!

If any of you all wanna stop by our sponsorship tent tomorrow the crew will be rockin' the banners with a cooler full of Gatorade.

Molly will be riding Rivan and Benny training tomorrow before their move up to Prelim next weekend at Loch Moy II. In addition, Sabrina is getting geared up for Intermediate next weekend as well! Stay tuned and help me in routing on the Havarah team!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Congrats Bryce!

Along with another horse we have officially added another member to our Havarah team: Bryce - Molly's boyfriend.

Whoot! Now we've got four guys around the barn balancing out all of the feminine energy! The Havarah Men's Team - as well call it - consists of John Nunn, Andy Goodwin, Alex Robertson (even though he is a dressage guy - but he feels like part of the family) and now Bryce.

Now our barn is about 50/50!

But I'd like to extend a congratulations to Bryce on acquiring Toulousse - a horse that came to us from our wonderful neighbors, Barb and Rody Strang.

Toulousse is a 10 year old TB gelding who raced until he was eight. He was one of Barb's projects and always seemed like a pretty laid back guy when she'd ride/trailer him over.

Mostly - I'm just excited we finally found Bryce a mount!

He's been catching rides from horses in training with Molly but since he's been back in the saddle (after a long break from his pony club days) he's been wanting a horse to call his own. Who can blame him? Don't we all?

I knew Toulousse was probably going to be the keeper after driving home one night. I pulled in the drive way and saw Bryce, camera out, toasting Toulousse with a beer (I think he was trying to see if he'd enjoy it as much as Charly does...).

This was pretty cute.

So needless to say we have a new face at the farm and you bet he'll be profiled soon!

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Kynymont Indelibly Irish

The last of the Connemaras - Mr. Indy

Indie is the oldest of the pack. He's a 2001 Connemara Cross by Kynymont Dublin and out of Greystone Irish Rose. Standing at 16h Indie is half Connemara and half TB/Selle Francais/Canadian Hunter.

Indy came to Havarah with a solid dressage background but decided he was going to try his hand in the triathlon of equestrian sports.

Indy immediately stole Hannah's heart (Molly's groom). He automatically became her favorite Connemara, which is understandable because he is so darn cute.

He has the sweetest face. Where most horses have indents above their eyes, Indy doesn't. This gives him so much personality and really he has such an adorable look about him because of it.

In addition, this horse can move... and he can jump. He is consistently racking in the low scores and finishes in the top 10 placings of his division.

He started his career in Aiken this winter and got a 10 on his first dressage test with Molly. This guy knows how to turn it on for the judges.

Indy really is unlike any horse I have ever met. He is just such a pleaser. You can tell when Molly rides him that he wants to do a good job 100 percent of the time.

It's this mentality that makes him so enjoyable for Molly and why she enjoys competing him so much. He never seems to pull attitude either. There are those horses that sometimes say "no" but if Indy ever had a "bad day" it's really because he just doesn't understand something. Once he gets it, he's perfect.

This part of the blog is always bitter sweet for me - Indy is for sale.

It's bitter sweet because we love all the horses at Havarah. I've spent so much time with all of them that I now feel I have 26 horses. We get to know their needs and personality quarks so I'm never ready to see one go.

However, if you are interested in Indy email and come check him out! Most likely you will fall in love with his endearing personality and see that he is the entire package.

We again want to take a moment to thank Pam Liddell for bringing these wonderful horses to Havarah. It has been Molly's pleasure to work with and compete her three talented boys. If you want any more information about Pam Liddell and her Connemaras visit Kynymont Farm.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Kynymont Black Tuxedo - "Tux"

This horse knows he's awesome.

Another one of the three Kynymont Connemaras we have at Havarah, Tux is probably the one who looks most like a Connemara.

His bushy forelock and tail sort of give him away - but this horse (yes another horse at 15.2!) demonstrates the sturdiness of this breed.

From day one, Molly knew this guy could jump and he has continued to show us his scope. Mostly, he's just proved that he is a good boy who puts in a solid performance every time out.

When we were in Aiken, SC, Tux really showed his potential as a junior or adult amateur horse. One of our talented working students, Maddie Parisan, started hopping on Tux between his full training and he proved to be that perfect amateur horse.

It was pretty cute watching Maddie, 12, steer Tux around a stadium course. Even though he was still a bit green, Tux seemed to enjoy his youthful partner and jumped around schooling courses like a rock star.

He, along with his brothers, started his Eventing career in Aiken, SC and quickly moved up from Beginner Novice to Novice, and now he is getting ready to move up to Training.

This horse just has a confidence about him. Once he figures something out, he owns it - and then knows he's hot stuff. I think it's this confidence that makes him so fun for Molly to compete.

He's got great form over the fences and probably even has enough ability to be successful in the jumper arenas.

This handsome man is also for sale. If you are looking for a fun ride and a horse that will give you a consistent performance each time out. Tux is ready to make an amateur happy and bring home the blues!

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