Thursday, December 31, 2015

WORKING STUDENT position available- GO SOUTH! RIDE, train and compete

In 2016... what are YOU going to do?

MKE is going to Aiken for 2 months and we have an opening - this could be YOU!

This position could fit many individuals-
A bright eyed youngster eager to learn the ways of the eventing world - AIKEN has so many schooling facilities and opportunities - it is THE place to teach horses and riders about eventing.

Seasoned eventer looking to fine tune certain skills and perhaps get ready for a move up?  No better place to sort out some eventing practice than actually getting to "practice" eventing.  Aiken is all about DOING.  We do a LOT while in Aiken.

Perhaps you have your dream partner who is just coming back from an injury or needs some time to be a horse.  MKE takes our Aiken "base" conditioning work very seriously- no running and jumping without building the stamina and strength in body and mind - Hacks, canters, and turn out!

The individuals that MKE wants to grow and prosper with in 2016 MUST have the desire to learn, be extremely trustworthy, and most importantly be ambitious about taking pride in all aspects of horse care.

MKE bases out of Principia Stables in Kirkwood PA for 8 months out of the year.  We will be in PA until late January.  MKE will work out of Hopeland Farms in Aiken, SC for 2 months- this is a relaxing and safe environment for our horses with all the amenities we need PLUS its super close to town and the local Aiken schoolings/competitions. Housing is available and there is space for your horse to join in the MKE training program.

MKE is looking forward to spending time working on our goals for the up-coming year with each of the horses.  Our training program is currently filled with horses ranging from FEI level competitors to younger talents looking to move on up the levels as well as some looking to find their perfect partners to continue life with.

For specific details on this position please email Molly at

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Faith & Win the first trimester... complete!

Have any of you ever had to move to a new state without your family, move in with a stranger, work long hours, get over-whelming amounts of information AND be expected to go about each day with a bounce in your step and a smile on your face?  If so, you must've been a working student!

On that note,  3 months ago MKE welcomed Faith Potorski to our team.  Faith comes from Georgetown, MA and brings with her a great love of horses, puppies, a vigorous determination and athletic ability.  Growing up she played some really hard core sports along with her riding hobby; luckily for us she eased up on the soccer and ice hockey to fully commit to riding.

Coming with Faith to the scenic views of Kirkwood, PA is her handsome steed "Win".  The two of them have come to MKE to hone their eventing skills and work their way through the levels.  I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of this partnership; both of them are athletic, sassy and eager to take on the hard core eventing lifestyle. With all pieces moving in the right direction Aiken '16 should be seeing a productive move up to training level for this pair.

Having been a working student myself and made a few large moves to remote places far away from friends and family... I always appreciate the challenges this presents to the "new kid".  Faith has survived her first trimester here and if you ask me, thats the toughest part.  There'll still be long days and new things to sort out, but at least now you know the way to the grocery store and tack shop!