Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Red Baron owned by Lynn Fern

GInger owned and ridden by Lauren Billys photo courtesy of Lynn Fern

Wednesday was a great day, a wet day, but a lovely one still! The Cecil County Fair holds an annual jumper show that I've grown quite fond of using in my training program. Havarah's Charly used it as a training prep a few years ago, winning the stakes in the 3'6" and the 3'9" divisions.

This year I used it as a practice round for three of my young horses, and some show pressure for two of my riders. Tango, a young TB mare jumped fabulously and I can't stress how excited I am about this little lady. Beaujeste, the rising pony star, is starting to really learn about jumping style instead of being so concerned about his speed and the Red Baron jumped around this course like an old campaigner, not nervous and un-shure like he's been a bit in the past.

Katelyn Jackson and The Weasel were an exciting pair to watch. The Weasel is a machine of a Connemara and can really leap. He'll soon be looking for a new junior to teach as Katelyn's new horse is arriving on Monday/!! I plan on Weasel being a Havarah horse forever though, he has to stay in the barn :)

THEN there was the rain and our Irish horse Ginger showed everyone how big feet can splash through puddles like they're not even there. Lauren gave Ginger a great ride and won 2 of her 3 classes and came home with a nice check. She promised us all corndogs, but she got lucky as the fair didn't even sell them!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Plantation Starter Trials

Tango, owned by Waters Edge Farm

The Red Baron, owned by Lynn Fern

I have grown very fond of starter trials; they are a great inexpensive way to get young horses out to an event. They are always very relaxed and give the horses a great experience. I have also been able to help quite a few students get a relaxed and positive start to their eventing careers.

This last weekend, The Red Baron (pictured above courtesy of owner Lynn Fern), finish 2nd in the Novice Horse division. Tango, a brand new ride for me, finished 4th in BN, her first event! Fran Loftus, brought her big horse out and showed us that they have made tremendous improvement and gave themselves a great prep for the Fair Hill HT in August. Last but not least one of my newest students made her debu as a Havarah rider and won the Beginner Novice rider class. Congrats Chelsea!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nantucket Clinic

I just spent Monday and Tuesday on the glorious island of Nantucket. Meghan Perry, a Nantucket resident and horse trainer, did a fantastic job organizing the clinic and I can't thank her enough. I really enjoy giving clinics, its so rewarding to help riders find a piece of information that could help them with the break-through they've been waiting for or help give a horse "the step in the right direction" that it needs to progress.

I believe I will be back in Nantucket in a few weeks to re-unite with these riders and I hope this next time to grab a few photos of the horses on the island!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Syndication shares available!!!

I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason. A few months ago a horse came in for training and to be sold that has ended up being my new buddy. Sempre Fino aka "Sam" is a special horse, a 9 year old TB that was brave enough to take his amateur owner to Intermediate and talented enough to go much further with a professional. Sam took the sidelines for much of '08 and part of '09 while his current owner pursued her academics. Sam has only been with me for a few months and has shown great promise for the future, I really believe he is a rising star. Sam is brave, scopey, agile, and a type A personality! All traits that I feel like could help lead Sam to a career as a 4 star horse.

Since Sam has only been back to competition for a month + and his owner is leaving for graduate school we have the opportunity to syndicate this horse at a very affordable price. This is a unique opportunity for people to become immediately involved in a horse and rider's upper level career. When Havarah's Charly was purchased he was a young horse and took several years to develop into an Advanced level competitor. Sam is ready... NOW! There is a strong possibility (with the help of a few new owners!) Sam and I could be competing at the Plantation CIC ** in September and the Fair Hill CCI ** in October. This would then lead us to the Advanced level in 2010 competing in CIC ***'s and CCI ***'s. Rolex Kentucky CCI **** in April of 2011!!!

Havarah's Charly's syndicate was put together by a group of people who wanted to support me in my quest to be part of the USET and I hope to put together another group with the same intentions. I have a plan of how this can be done without being a financial bur-don on anyone. If you or anyone you know are interested please contact me for details on joining the Sempre Fino syndicate.