Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Up-coming shows

July 1st XC schooling at Connie Arthurs - elementary through intro to Prelim available
July 6th, Brian Sabo clinic at Sport Equine in Clovis
July 9th-10th COMBINED TEST at Chocolate Horse Farms in Santa Rosa (Charly and Mark)
--- entries due on the 4th, if anyone wants a ride I will have two slots open and need a groom----
July 16-17th XC schooling at Woodside
August 12-14th WOODSIDE HORSE TRIALS (Mark Training & Charly Prelim)
August 26-28th SHEPHARD RANCH HORSE TRIALS (Mark Prelim & Rockmill BN)
September 16-18th COPPER MEADOWS (Mark Prelim & Charly Prelim)
September 29- Oct 1st) TWIN RIVERS (Charly Prelim)

*** for entries and event info go to (under Omnibus, Area VI)

Shephard Ranch Horse Trials

The Havarah group had a blast this last weekend in Santa Ynez; I love having such a fun group to be with at the shows. Many thanks to the parents for all of their help, we had a super cute hang-out area that was always stocked with great food...who could ask for more!!! Robert Metzger quickly became our official team photographer and soon I will have some photos of the weekend to share with everyone; props to him, they are very impressive :) As for the end all placings, we had two wins this weekend, congratulations to Debbie Davis and also to Makers Mark (my training level horse) :) ... GO HAVARAH! I am very proud of how well everyone rode this last weekend, we definately have a group to watch out for. Congrats to the rest of my competitors, Lauren Billys, Jestine Burch (2), Kelsey Collins, Rebecca Davis and Alyssa Billys.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


HEY check out ; if you go under "equestrian" and then to Copper Meadows - June 2005 you can find all of the Havarah riders! Charly is number 33 and Mark is number 85; everyone's name is next to the numbers so it should be pretty easy to figure out.
FYI I am changing the settings on this blog so that everyoe can post comments even if you are not a registered user....

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Copper MeadoCopper Meadows results...

Wow, I can't believe it is already Thursday night! The last 10 days have gone by so quickly and so much has happened. First and foremost I am very proud of Charly who with-in two weeks of the Woodside event put in a great performance at Copper. This horse is such a quick learner:) I am not going to say that he didn't try to balk on the XC course BUT he did keep going when I asked him to. We had one spot in front of a difficult narrow to down bank combo that he started to act barn sour so I spent some time on a circle and then we were off and better than ever. On Sunday Charly then proved that he is still a killer show jumper as he put in a double clear round that would make his entire family proud!

The rest of the Havarah team made me proud with great riding and terrific sportsmanship...Christina and Griffen won the Jr Training on their dressage score, Debbie finished 2nd with the Stallion Cimmaron, Lauren was well up their in Jr Training with some terrific rides, and Dr Davis put in his inaugural Preliminary ride on his trusty mount Faluut....oh yes and my fantastic little horse Makers Mark was great too!

So as if this wasn't long enough... I want to let everyone know that I have a bed with linens on it and even a dresser (but the clothes still need to make it out my trailer!) Life here gets better every day, but I do miss all my friends over in the East Bay! Come visit!!!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Part one of the move is complete! All my house stuff is in boxes in my new apartment; the horses and I are on a mini vacation until Monday when real life will start again. This weekend the horses compete in the Copper Meadows Horse Trials, one of my favorite California events. FYI I might need to find a home for my favorite pal, Quigley, if anyone knows of a family that would give him lots of love please let me know. I think he has hunter qualities (with ducks) and that isn't a good thing for the barn I am going to be living at.