Saturday, August 27, 2011

Already Ready for Aiken?

There comes a time here on the East Coast where eventers have had ENOUGH of the frigid cold. No more inch-thick layers of ice on water buckets, frozen pipelines, snowballs in horses shoes and let's face it - five layers of clothes.

When we get to this frozen state we head south, yes like geese, to Aiken, SC.

No we are not leaving this early, although Hurricane Irene isn't making us feel warm inside at the moment, however Molly is proud to announce that the Havarah team will head back to Pine Ridge Stables in Aiken and this year we get the 10 stall barn. Whoot whoot!

Last year we had the seven stall barn, and though it was fantastic and we made it work with the 13 horses, we are excited for the upgrade to the 10 stall barn with more ammeneties.

Plus, we have added on a new member to the Havarah Team, Robin Weaver, who has already excitedly confirmed her participation in the 2012 Aiken adventure. Thus we will now have two houses to house the growing group of Havarah Equestrians.

Last year, Molly was excited to have a great group of new eventers and this year she is overjoyed to not only bring along the babies in the warm weather but continue to campaign our developing stream of upper-level competitors.

Another great point is that everyone seems to be in sync with one another and we are ready to take on the Aiken eventing scene!

Aiken is not only a great place to get away from the cold weather but it is the perfect setting to start out the season right for both lower and upper level event horses. Molly always comes back from her winter months feeling energized and prepared for the strenuous competitions on our home ground.

So stay tuned for the Aiken blogs - it will be here before we know it!

If you're interested in being a part of Aiken make sure to contact to get your spot reserved!

Check out our new digs!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thank You to Nunn Finer and Outback Trading Company

Molly is one of those riders who definitely appreciates her sponsors and knows how important it is to positively represent a brand.

Molly has enjoyed a sponsorship from Nunn Finer for many years and is good friends and trainer to its President, Mr. John Nunn. Everyone at Havarah is thankful for Mr. Nunn's generosity and we all absolutely love Nunn Finer's products.

We are excited to announce that in re-signing onto the Nunn Finer Team with a Gold Sponsorship, Molly has also obtained a new Official Outerwear Sponsor: Outback Trading Company.

All the Havarah teammates are excited to rock the new Outback apparel and I'm sure we could have used the great rain gear we'll be getting back in April at Plantation! But now we will be prepared for this Hurricane we are probably getting this weekend ah!

In saying all of this, I wanted to share a press release with all of you announcing Nunn Finer's and Outback Trading Company's partnership! Read on my friends!


Media Contact:
Trina Hatfield


Outback Trading Company becomes the Official Outerwear Sponsor of all Nunn Finer sponsored riders.

Nunn Finer is proud to announce a new partnership with Outback Trading Company. Now, not only will sponsored riders be receiving quality leather goods and tack, they will be wearing durable, useful outerwear, provided by Outback Trading Company.
When looking into signing on an Official Outerwear Sponsor, Nunn Finer decided Outback Trading Company would not only be a great company to join forces with, but would provide their riders with high quality clothing which will be useful in a rider’s day-to-day lifestyle. In addition, Outback Trading Company’s products parallel with Nunn Finer’s expectations when it comes to quality of manufacturing.

“We are not only proud, but extremely excited for this partnership,” said John Nunn, owner of Nunn Finer. “I have worked with and carried Outback Trading Company’s products for many years through Bit of Britain, and am looking forward to expanding our relationship to Nunn Finer. In addition, I am excited to be able to outfit our riders pretty much from head to toe.”

Outback Trading Company will be providing Nunn Finer riders with everything from hats to jackets. In addition, Outback Trading Company will not only be supplying clothing for the riders, but the grooms as well.

"Nunn Finer supports a wonderful class of athletes, we feel honored to be associated with these riders," says Wilson King, President and founder of Outback Trading Company.

As of now, sponsored riders include Sharon White, Molly Rosin, and Carol Kozlowski. Nunn Finer and Outback Trading Company hope to reach out to more riders on the East and West Coast shortly.

For more information regarding Nunn Finer / Outback Trading partnership please contact

Nunn Finer began in 1993 making racing equipment for the American thoroughbred racing industry. Before long, the quality of their products was being recognized in other equine disciplines as well. It was then that John Nunn, President of Nunn Finer, began focusing his efforts outside the racing industry, eventually capturing the attention of the Eventing, Dressage, and Foxhunting communities. Show Jumpers have also found Nunn Finer products to be a mainstay in what they do. For more information about Nunn Finer visit

About Outback Trading Company, LTD
Outback Trading Company LTD. is a world-wide supplier of all-weather outdoor apparel. Established in 1983, the Outback Trading Company LTD. is well known for producing durable and rugged high performance apparel. We are committed to producing hard-wearing comfortable clothes for working lifestyles, as well as, functional fashion apparel. Outback Trading Company LTD. has a style and fit for everyone. For more information about Outback Trading Company, LTD. Visit

Monday, August 22, 2011

Havarah Turning Jumpers... JUST KIDDING!

Molly is bound and determined to make everyone exceptional show jumpers - and she's having success.

On Saturday the crew ventured to Top Venture Farm for another jumper show and it turned out to be a great day.

Bryce took his new mount, Toulousse aka DJ's Hero, and they completed their first competition as a team!

John Nunn rode both his mounts, Smilelikeyoumeanit and Red Horse Harry. This show solidified it in John's mind that the Red Horse is ready for his first recognized event at Seneca in a couple weeks!

Molly had four mounts. She took Alpine and The Love Doc to their first show and then she competed Ankhe Pass and Kynymont's Black Tuxedo as well.

Perhaps the two biggest shout outs go to Quinn Anderson and Hannah Metz. Both put on their gutsy pants and competed in the 3'3 division! First of all, these girls have never done a division this large before, having just started feeling their way through eventing at the beginner novice level, and neither have their horses! We are so proud and impressed girls!

So all in all it was a great experience for both horses and riders as these shows usually are.

On a less upbeat note, I wanted to take a moment to wish working student, Shadney Elwell, fair well as she has taken a job back in CA. Although she will no longer physically be here with us at Havarah we are very excited that she has found a great job and happiness back in CA and we will always view her as part of our team! Go get 'em girl!

Now.... here's pretty much a photo album for you to enjoy from this weekend...

Photos courtesy of Patti Diegert :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011


First of all... I apologize my my prolonged absence. Cali claimed me for a little while and then the weather took away my internet - thanks thunder storms!

Any who... I've gotten through all of the horses and people so now I get to tell you all about myself. But this is good, I think you all should know a little about the blogger :).

I was born and raised in Sonoma County, CA and grew up competing horses in area VI. I caught the eventing bug when I was 13 and when I was 15 started training with Valerie Bertoli out of Sebastapol, CA.

However, after high school I gave up horses for a bit and I went to the University of Colorado to study journalism and mass communication (and PR and Advertising).

After three years without a horse I emailed Valerie, begging, for my beloved Ohlala back. Luckily, the two of us were re-united and she has now followed me from CA to CO, and from CO to PA - poor girl has traveled A LOT!

Upon graduation from college I didn't have a job lined up and I didn't feel like working so I started competing again - and I thought "why not do this forever?".

So I emailed Molly Rosin, who I had known through her training one of my crazy mares (I seem to like these types...). In October, 2010, I packed up my car with Finley (a pembroke welsh corgi) and a pod and headed East.

I spent about six months as a full-time working student with Molly, and loved it. However my itch to write and be a PR guru kept knocking and luckily, while in Aiken, SC, John Nunn, owner of Bit of Britain, offered me a gig.

Since then I have gradually morphed out of the "working student title" (though I still work at the barn every other weekend) - and into the into the world of business at BOB (which I LOVE!).

On the side I help Molly with PR related things and this blog which I am super happy you all enjoy!

It makes me so happy that I can share the every day Havarah news with you all and I'm so happy you like what you read.

I still plan on competing my mare, Ohlala, preliminary level with hopes of completing our first 1* and moving up to intermediate. But for now, I love to entertain YOU! So keep reading, keep commenting, and keep being a Havarah fan!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Waredaca ..... and my MOM!!! :)

Hello all, our fabulous blogger MJ has been away "chillin" with her family in California so I get to up-date you all myself. Apologies in advance, as I'm sure it wont be as entertaining! Since I get to write directly from the horses mouth I thought I'd take this time to have a slight reflection on where I am and how I came to be.

This weekend I competed at the Waredaca HT. This facility in MD holds a full Horse Trials on one day - but two days in a row. Meaning I was in an event on Saturday and a totally new event on Sunday. On Saturday I competed 4 horses and on Sunday I competed 3 "different" horses! I mean how cool is that. There's no bigger thrill then riding xc, except maybe getting to do it time after time :) This year has been my first year ever to have multiple upper level horses going at the same time. I've ridden more than one horse for awhile, but it's great to see a string of quality eventers developing and gaining confidence from each event.

This of course comes from a lot of efforts from many people. NOTHING would be happening without the wonderful owners. This weekend I rode for Quinn Anderson, Nancy and Alyssa Klavens, Mr and Mrs Benfield, Pamela Liddell and Bryce Kinnamon. THEN of course there'd be no way of getting all of this done with out a fantastic support crew. Hannah Metz is my right hand and she has a few quality girls learning the ropes- Maddie Parisan and Shadney Elwell. PLUS there's horses at home that have to get cared form- luckily we've got Kara and Robyn to keep the peace at the home stead.

What I'm really writing about was the weather. IT was CRAZY. Lightning, thunder, torrential rain and sometimes sun. The show must go on. I've learned this from my mom and it was extra special to have her around this weekend to see what she has developed. I remember thinking for a second that some people might actually think I was crazy. Growing up mom instilled in me that if you need something you find a way to make it happen. As my dad was sick for most of my childhood, mom was pretty much a single parent. She never said no when I had the opportunity to do something great. She always found a way to make it happen. That has turned into my life motto, all thanks to mom!

If you havent met my mom, Judy, you really are missing out. She makes a mean brisket, delicious peach cobbler and fantastic STOCK TIES :) In fact we still have a few available to help support Clydes surgery.

Mom leaves on Thursday morning and there's a lot of us out here that will be anxiously awaiting her return back.

Kynymont's Grady - 3rd BNH
SPRTE - 4th PH
RIVAN - 7th PH
BENNY - 9th PH
THE DIESEL BOY - 3rd YEH 4 year old

Cody, Indy, Maddie, Andy and Shadney also competed and all did great... tough classes out there!

All for now,
Molly Rosin

p.s. THANK YOU Mike McNally for the awesome SJ pictures!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maddie Parisan

Plain and simple: this girl's got some major talent!

Maddie broke onto the Havarah scene this past December - decked out in Horseware Ireland clothing from head to toe.

One thing was certain; Maddie had talent and a passion for eventing.

Determined to improve her riding and really dive into the sport, Maddie became a working student for Molly and decided to make the trek to Aiken, SC with the Havarah Team for the winter.

Being Molly's newest student, Aiken was a great time for Maddie to really learn from Molly and delve into the finesse of each phase of the sport.

Already competing novice, Maddie's dreams were set upon moving up to training. Molly, trying to instill some obtainable goals in Maddie, told the tale of how she moved up to training. Molly's trainer told her that when she won at novice she could move up. Maddie seemed to seriously listen to this story as at her next novice combined test, she won.

According to Molly, this ability to listen and do is a common theme with this talented little rider, and what makes teaching her so much fun.

It is quite incredible. Maddie will have never done something before and all Molly has to do is explain. Then Maddie goes out - and she does it!

Yes, like everyone, she has good and bad days, but her ability to not only understand, but feel what Molly is explaining is remarkable for someone so young.

Maddie really broke out in the eventing scene this season, and the common response is "is she that tiny little thing on that horse? She is so adorable!"

It is hard to miss this string-bean on the 16h flea-bitten TB named Carson "Hope to Star", decked out in purple in teal. Not to mention Carson is 18 years old!

Having taken home multiple 2nd places, Carson and Maddie, along with mom and groom Kim Parisan, will be making the journey to Chattahoochee Hills for the AEC in September. They will compete at training level and go for the gold!

Despite perfecting her major skills, Maddie is also a hard worker around the barn. She has taken over my role as barn manager Kara's assistant - and she makes sure to be Charly's daily caretaker.

Great with the horses, this bubbly, self-confident kid is such a great addition to the Havarah Team. As always, horses are a great way for kids to learn responsibility and they get a chance to be involved in something bigger than themselves at an early age. Each day for Maddie is a learning experience, but she has the determination and talent to make it to the top.

It has and will continue to be an utter joy to watch this girl fly through the levels. Having conquered training level, she is now bound and determined to be the youngest preliminary rider at Havarah - unfortunately for her USEA regulations are now the only thing holding her back!

Keep your eyes out for Miss Maddie - you will be seeing lots of this one!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Congrats Cara Lavigna!

Congratulations to Cara Lavigna who purchased Havarah's metro-man, Kynymont's Absolutely Irish "Archie"!

After looking at over 25 horses across multiple states, 18-year-old Cara fell in love with one of our Kynymont Connemaras and with in the next week Archie will board a plan in Newark, NJ to venture to his new home in Southern California.

Cara rides with well-known rider and trainer, Jenifer Johnson, and though she will be starting college this year, she will continue to train with Jen (her college is near her facility) while bringing Archie along in hopes of reaching the upper levels of eventing!

Archie's New Owner: Cara Lavigna

This talented horse just started competing in January down in Aiken. His last event was training level at the Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy in July, finishing on his dressage score.

It is always bitter-sweet for all those of us at Havarah when one of our team mates sells and ventures off to a new life and home. We spend so many hours a day with these horses they really become part of the family. However, we are so excited that Archie has found himself his very own girl.

Through the sadness of saying goodbye we gain a joy of watching our horses leave and flourish with their riders. It is always exciting to watch one of the horses you pampered for many hours go to the right home and we are looking forward to seeing Archie's name on the leader boards!

In addition, Molly is super happy to have made this match. One of Molly's greatest joys is introducing the perfect horse to the perfect rider and she was definitely able to do that in this situation.

Thank you Pam Liddell for bringing Archie to Havarah - Molly really enjoyed helping Archie learn the ropes of eventing, horses as nice as this sell themselves!

And to Cara, we at Havarah are so excited for you! We all love Archie and know you two will have such a great time together competing on the West Coast!

Thursday, August 04, 2011


OK. Before I go any further, is that not the cutest name you've ever heard of for a pony!

Shananigans came to Havarah on a mission to find his new partner-in-crime and we are happy to have helped him find Alex, an 11-year-old Midwestern boy from Chicago that purchased this 8 year old Connemara pony just last week.

Alex has already had incredible success as a rider cleaning up the ribbons at dressage for juniors in New York. A talented rider of the future, Alex was looking for a pony who could help him further his dreams and take him to the top!

Alex, Shananigan's New Owner

Shananigans is a pony who fancies himself a horse. This lovely-moving Connnemara has a solid dressage base thanks to his previous owner and breeder, Pam Liddell. In fact, at their last show, Shananigans and Pam scored in the upper 70's!

When Shananigans met Alex it was a match made in heaven. Alex, a natural rider and a fancy pony - it was perfection from there forward.

All of us at Havarah are happy to have helped make this match. Molly always enjoys helping Pam Liddell and Kynynmont Connemaras sell a wonder horse (or pony). Thanks Pam for all your continued support of Molly and we all love the beautiful horses you breed and bring to Havarah Equestrian.

To Alex:

We are so excited for your new partnership! You have just purchased a wonderful mount and the two of you will go very far together! Enjoy the ride - from the beginning to the end - you will never forget a great pony, or a great friend. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you in the spotlight in the coming years!

For more information on horses for sale through Havarah Equestrian or to inquire about Connemaras at our farm contact

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New Jersey Recap

For those of you on the edge of your seats waiting for a recap of Havarah's weekend in New Jersey, my apologies for my not-so-hasty update.

Although it was a long weekend, starting with Molly's alarm being set before 4 a.m. Saturday and ending with a tire blowout Sunday evening prolonging the crew's arrival to after 10 p.m.; it was also a really good weekend.

The weekend was a huge improvement for our preliminary stars: Rivan, Benny and Sprite. Both Rivan and Benny seem to be taking to the level really well (having this being their second prelim since their move up). Sprite competed in her first show back this summer (bummed I missed it this pony is my favorite horse to attend to at shows).

Molly said she jumped around amazingly in show jumping - one of the few double clear rounds on a course that was pulling a lot of rails.

Connemara's Cody and Grady completed their first event at beginner novice, scoring in the 23's and 24's for dressage and jumping round the courses well.

John Nunn was a superstar with his horse Smilelikeyoumeanit scoring a 35 in dressage, even while horses were flying by going cross country, and only pulling a couple rails stadium - from what I hear, this was a MEAN stadium course.

Jenn, John's daughter, completed her first recognized event! Congrats to Jenn Nunn! You will be seeing this girl in her hot-pink attire atop her spotted partner, Maiden.

I know, I know - this post is short... but oh so sweet! Stay tuned for more recaps and getting to know the rest of the wonderful people that make up Team Havarah!