Monday, June 22, 2009

East and West lots of smiles!

The weekend of June 20th and 21st produced many happy Havarah riders both of the east coast and west coast.

Out in California Cheryl Gentzler made her way back into eventing competition with a lovely dressage and faultless jumping to finish 5th at Shephard Ranch. John Marshall did quite well also with a 2nd place finish as Alyssa Hatai and Kelcey Collins were also proud finishers of the event. Thank you Chris Scarlett for watching over and being such a good coach for these guys!

Out in Maryland Beaugeste finished 4th at Waredaca's challenging starter trials. Beau is really just a beginner at this sport but man does he love it!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Bromont CCI ***

As many of you knew, Charly and I were training for the Bromont CCI ***. Charly's training and fitness were foot perfect until a bad step on a gallop changed our plans. Charly sustained some soft tissue injury and needs a little while to rest so that he can go back to being the amazing eventer that he is.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Plantation Day 2 Success!

Another day of sunshine and happy ponies at Plantation Horse Trials in Pennsylvania. It was really a lovely treat to have all the horses owners at the event, Beaujeste and The Red Baron are very lucky horses! The Red Baron finished his second training level HT in second place and is continuing his happy go lucky way of competing. All horses should learn to be as relaxed as this guy. Rudy's QH side is loved by all! Beaujeste competed in his first beginner novice and was a star. This pony is a very exciting prospect and any vertically challanged person would be lucky to have him! At 14.2 he is mightier than most :)

Barb Strang competed her horse Guinness, to a third place finish in the Novice division... adding no penalties to their dressage score. Last but not least Hannah Metz competed in her first beginner novice and has come a long way in a very short time.
Good job by all!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sucess at Plantation Horse Trials

This last week has been pretty wet, dreary and all around gloomy.... so today's event at Plantation with sunshine and lovely horses was a great change of pace!

I had the pleasure of riding Sempro Fino, Charlotte Freeman's 9 year old TB gelding. Sam has had a leisurely year and this was his second competition back this year. I'm pretty excited about this horses future and today he showed a tremendous amount of improvement in his training. This horse has a great amount of talent and I hope to either find him a rider/owner to dedicate their time to him or find a way to keep him in my barn. Sam jumped clean and used today as a learning experience to prepare himself for his future grand plans.

Lauren Billys rode in her second prelim event and did a spectacular job. I've been training Lauren for many years now and it's very rewarding to guide her along her way to becoming a solid competitor at the upper levels. Lauren and Ballingowan Ginger were in first after dressage and only added a few time faults to their score to finish a respectable 4th place. WAY TO GO GIRL!!!

Last but not least, Havarah Equestrian's newest rider, Katelyn Jackson, did a superb job in the Novice class. Wiesel and Katelyn took the novice lead with a steady dressage test and faultless jumping rounds. Katelyn is getting ready to start taking eventing pretty seriously and I'm thinking this rider will be one to watch out for!