Monday, October 31, 2011

Zia the Princess Warrior

Ok, that's not her ACTUAL show name - but wouldn't it be awesome!?

This little, talented mare is for sale!

She is a 4 year old TB mare, 15 hands, athletic, and cute as a button. She is a blood-bay, with a very pretty and interesting marking on her face. I'll call it a blaze - but check out the pics to see!

She has just started competing but is ready for more! Molly is confident she could be doing novice and jumpers shows by next year (two months away) but has the ability for training and beyond.

Zia has a lovely natural suspension to her step and is very well balanced over fences at an early age. With her eager to please behavior combined with her outstanding work ethic she's shown real promise as either an event horse or a jumper!

Plus, she is very smart and is fast to learn! For more information, email! AND check out these awesome photos!

~Molly Gasiewicz

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fun in Kentucky

The crew arrived back from their long trip to Kentucky around 11 p.m. Sunday night. Man what a trek!

From the photos and reports it looks like it was a great weekend for our friends at Havarah. It was quite a crew that ventured to the bluegrass state. Molly, Robin, Kathy and Quinn Anderson, Nancy Winnings, and Nancy and Alyssa Klavens.

This was Miss Quinn's first large road trip competing and she handled it like a rock star from Molly's reports. She rode the best she's ever ridden at a show with an improved dressage and beautiful stadium round.

Nancy rode her mare, Violet, in their second training competition and with a clean cross country round they finished 7th individually and 6th as a team.

Benny, competing prelim, just continues to prove himself and show Molly his true potential. Molly was able to notice him mentally mature from just Thursday through Sunday so this obviously was a huge deal for him.

Unfortunately Spritely, who was competing in the 1* as well, met her nemisis at a triple brush but she will hang out at home and compete at training level for a few more well-deserved years with her owner, Quinn and they will tackle young riders as a team when they are both old enough!

There's a pretty cool clip of Molly riding Benny on Eventing Nation (Via YouTube).

It was a beautiful weekend (following a rainy, rough week) enjoyed by delicious food and good eats! Check out these fun photos to really see how the team represented in Kentucky!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A little Belated - Baby Leto at Fair Hill!

Last Thursday was a proud moment in my book when I opened up Eventing Nation to do my normal Fair Hill stalking when I saw it - low-and-behold there was Molly riding Baby Leto in the 4 y.o. YEH division. I almost screamed in the middle of the work place and might I say - he's not a baby anymore!

I watched the beautiful test unfold, and I must be truthful by saying I haven't seen Leto go in AWHILE! He has matured so beautifully. Consistency followed by lovely action from behind truly shows this horse's full potential.

Molly said she hasn't been on a horse who was so confident at a large spectacle of an event since Charly - which brings us all to a sentimental state.

Molly and Leto rounded out the weekend fabulously ending up in 6th place. Check out these fantastic photos courtesy of Shannon Brinkman and enjoy the growing up of our baby boy!

Molly, Robin, and Quinn are now off to Lexington Kentucky to compete Benny and Sprite in the 1*. So stay tuned for some bluegrass updates!

~Short sweetness by Molly Gasiewicz

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tux has been Shipped FedEx - Literally

Hold on, let me take a moment to compose myself and hold back the tears... Tux has sold.

But these are happy tears - because he is going to a WONDERFUL new home. As always, it's hard to see them go, I mean they are family - I see their hungry faces every night at night check. Maddie, Hannah and Robin make them glisten everyday and Kara makes sure every one is happy, well-fed and has all four legs. Lastly, Molly creates a bond through training and competing these horses. So when one leaves, everyone feels a little sad.

But as I say in every post of this nature, that tinge of sadness is always replaced with happiness and excitement for our past Havarah team members. They are moving onto wonderful futures with wonderful people - we are truly grateful that we have managed to sell our horses to such great homes.

The new fabulous home is in Malibu, CA - come on Tux really? Jealous. Like these Irish Connemara's really need to sunbath - apparently Tux and Archie had a discussion about enjoying the finer things in life.

Tux flew out yesterday via FedEx accompanied by a handsome stud (he's a stallion) from Hilltop farm who also decided to leave the East and move out West.

He arrived in the hands of Ofer Shepher, his new owner. He apparently went on his first trail ride today and was on the buckle like such a gentleman.

Ofer trains with Michelle Emermann, an advanced level event rider who also spent some time in Europe. She'll watch over and train the pair, hopefully eventing Tux herself at a few events.

Ofer and Michelle spent an entire weekend with us at Principia and are truly wonderful people. They really care about their horses and Molly is so excited our little boy is in such good hands.

"It's exciting to develop these horses out here where we are lucky enough to have lots of natural schooling opportunities so that they are ready to have good fun lives with their new owners," Molly said.

We all feel the same way. We all get a sense of pride when we watch these horses develop. It's like watching your children grow up and mature in school, but it is so rewarding to send them off to college.

Tux will have a very successful eventing career on the Wast Coast and will be well-loved we are sure.

Now, on to develop more great Connemara's and eventing horses for you and your friends!

For more information on sale horses visit Molly's Website and email her at

Molly Gasiewicz

Monday, October 10, 2011

Maryland Horse Trials Quick Wrap

It truly was the domination of the mares this past weekend at the Maryland Horse Trials.

With Piny winning in her beginner novice division and Sprite taking home 4th preliminary - it was hard to deny the serious girl power which rounded out the weekend.

The boys still put in good performances. Doctor had a fantastic show jump round and gained some compliments from high profiled on-lookers.

Indy had a great weekend and was fabulous through all three phases, just had a couple of unfortunate rails in stadium but he still rounded out the weekend in the top ten - as usual for him.

The men of Havarah also had great weekends. Bryce, John Nunn and Andy made up the "dream team" this weekend and though no one took home the blues they all had very positive, fun weekends.

We will say goodbye to Tux tomorrow as he, at 9 a.m., will set out for his new journey and life in California (following in his brother Archie's footsteps!).

We will have more information for you on that shortly but for now - stay classy PA and we will have more detailed updates for you shortly!

~Molly Gasiewicz

Thursday, October 06, 2011

H20=Awesome Healing Power

Because horses will be horses, and sometimes a playful buck in a paddock could lead to an annoying injury, it is always beneficial to be backed by those who can help remedy the situation.

Molly is proud to be sponsored by the Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center.

"Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center is a state-of-the-art facility that houses the latest in technological equipment, designed to promote a safe and rapid advancement for horses recovering from injury. We give your horse every chance to make a successful return to competition by providing a variety of the latest effective physical therapy options that allows your horse to receive the care that benefits most." - Fair HIll ETC

Eventing is not only demanding of us riders, but is extremely demanding of our horse's physical abilities, especially at the upper levels. So it is a no brainer that they need a little R&R sometimes.

Molly has always been diligent about checking horses legs, wrapping with poultice or a Back on Track wrap when necessary - but a few certain characters at our farm have been lucky enough to experience the AquaPacer and salt water spa.

Cough, cough! Sabrina and Charly.... but again, these two athletes deserve the H20 Therapy as they are upper level competitors, and let's face it, we want them to last!

"I've had three horses use the aqua-pacer and all three are better competitors than they were before their time on the aqua-tred. I feel like the aqua pacer is very beneficial for strengthening areas of the horses bodies that are tough to target under saddle. All three horses felt stronger on the flat and over fences. Havarah's Charly and Sprite developed their collected canter from the use of this machine and Sabrina's jumping form drastically improved... I'm a big fan!" Molly Rosin

When Charly gets his therapy sessions, those who work at the Therapy Center are always excited to see him- Olympico was his standard nickname! He's a regular. Sabrina, has taken easily to the therapy. Shocker. She absolutely LOVES it-being pampered is right up her alley. Sprite also got a few goes on the pacer, and as smart as she is, she took right to it. Luckily the crew at FHTC are exceptional with horses, a few times with BIG TONY and the horses look at the facility like a dream palace... which it sort of is!

Basically it is an above-ground treadmill with controllable water levels to allow horses a large range of motion with less impact than regular work. The AquaPacer also promotes more bone and cartilage development. It helps reduce the risk of injury AND helps in the rehabilitation process for those horses who have suffered injuries.

It's pretty much awesome. For more information about the AquaPacer and to learn more about other services offered at the Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center visit their website.

Most likely all of the Havarah horses will get to experience this luxury in the near future, but mostly we all are super thankful to have such an awesome device at our finger tips. Thanks Fair Hill ETC! Sabrina and Charly extend their thank you's as well.

~Molly Gasiewicz

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Havarah's team in development

As a horse trainer and professional rider my life seems to be constantly evolving. I love this as, there's never any time to get bored! This year I've had some wonderful things come about. The biggest and most helpful has been the feeling of stability. I'm now training and managing "Principia Stables", a fabulous facility in Kirkwood, Pa owned by the Andrew, Allison and Sophie Hulme. This has allowed me to really help horses develop because now I have the facilities for them to train out of.

So this year I started with a group of horses in training, some had a year of eventing under their belt and others were JUST starting. Now I've got a solid Intermediate mare, 3 at Preliminary and more coming up the ranks in BN, N and Training (depending on who sells this week!)

Im excited about many of them but currently the most proud of Sabrina. This mare gives it all she's got all the time. She started out as a horse that was too hot for the dressage world so she came to eventing. Then eventers werent sure if she'd make it all the way or not. Im not saying it's been all blues all the way- but I can feel that I have a solid horse under me that wants to do well.

This last weekend at Morven didnt pan out for us, but it doesnt matter. She'll get a well deserved break after a long season and I can not wait for next year.

As for me and the others its show time! Maryland Horse Trials this coming weekend with Prelim horses on down to BN. We will be bringing out our MAN team of John Nunn, Andrew Goodwin and Bryce Kinnamon... so all you single ladies look out, well not fully two of them are TAKEN!! :)

Bye for now, off to ride and prep for Loch Moy MD HT and Kentucky Mid-south.

Molly Rosin

Monday, October 03, 2011

Quick Morven Recap

Molly, Quinn, and Maddie packed up and headed to Morven Park on Friday to give Sabrina another run at Intermediate and Quinn a go at Novice.

Molly had a great dressage ride on Sabrina scoring a 36 and only had a couple rails stadium on a very sloppy course due to mother nature's persistent rain.

Molly was hoping to use Morven as a stepping stone to qualify Sabrina for the Dansko Fair Hill International CCI2* this October, however Sabrina didn't feel quite right so Molly decided to withdraw from cross country.

Sabrina will now get a well-deserved break and will aim for the Jersey Fresh 2* in May. She'll of course start back up in Aiken but now gets to hang out and be a horse for a little bit.

Molly's students, Quinn and Nancy, on the other hand both had some good rides making Molly a very proud trainer this past weekend.

Stay tuned for a recap from Molly to get her insights to the weekend!

~Molly Gasiewicz