Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Go Havarah!

I am so proud of my Havareim! At our last show we had an incredible dressage day withmulti ple ririders (including Havarah's Charly!) in first place. Amy Fox pulled through to win her novice division, congrats! The weekend wasn't all glory, on Friday evening Barbara George had a freak incident (a horse ran her over) and had to spend the rest of the day in the hospital. Luckily Barbara is a very healthy young lady and is well on her way to full recovery.

Our weekend after Woodside we took a group out to Ram Tap and what an impressive group it was! My horse Mark, Lauren's horse Ranger, Christina's horse Griffen, and Debbie with Cimarrom had their debut Preliminary schooling. They were all super stars! I also had the pleasure of working with a few "new comers" to our group and the eventing scene. Sonja Beffort, Cheryl Gentzler and Betsy Lumbe are three ladies that are going to be non stop fun...look out!


Dink said...

Hey molly!!! This is Dareth. Congrats on doing so well along with all of your students!!! That is awesome to see how much your group has grown and how successful they are. Way to go!!!

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