Monday, September 12, 2011


Molly and Clyde stopped by to visit the Omega Alpha booth

I have said it a few times and I will say it again: The AEC was a blast! Thank you to all of those who made this event happen: The USEA, Nutrena, Bit of Britain, Chattahoochee Hills and all of the volunteers... thank you!

Molly rode a double clear stadium round on Indie yesterday moving her into fourth place in the Novice Horse division. She was all smiles as she lined up for the awards ceremony. And who was there to present her the award and shake her hand? Why Mr. John Nunn of course!

Congratulations Pam Liddell for owning such a wonderful horse and many thanks for letting Molly compete him. Many onlookers commented on how nice of a horse he is and it just gave us that much more Havarah pride!

However, after Molly took her lap in the victory gallop it was back to business: pack, load the horses, and hit the road! The crew said goodbye to Chattahoochee HIlls at around 11:30 a.m. yesterday and arrived home to a fog-covered landscape at around 2:45 this morning.

Though tired, and somewhat delirious, Molly was happy to walk in her house and find some homemade brownies from next door neighbor Dr. Steve Berkowitz. We are so fortunate to have such lovely neighbors and friends!

I was personally hoping Molly would take the day to relax... maybe veg a little... but hardworking as she is she was back to work and riding as she has horses entered in the Plantation International Horse Trials this weekend.

A life in horses never ends... but that's why we love it!

Yes, I know, another quick post... but I wanted to update you all on how the fabulous Indie did. See you this weekend at Plantation!

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