Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pulled Pork, Guitars and Good Friends

One of the most enjoyable things about living at Principia Stables is the Hulme's porch. It has become the center of summer cook-out festivities and day by day I am enjoying country living more.

We had a wonderful dinner party tonight filled with pulled pork, buffalo chicken dip, Coronitas (thanks Bryce for grabbing the mini Coronas ;) ) and more.

Our wonderful friends from the barn and surrounding community stopped by to share some laughs - Vance, our farrier from Advanced Farrier Specialties, and Dr. B - a local vet who lives across the street - provided the music with their guitars.

It was a bit of a bittersweet night as the ownersof Principia, and now our dear friends, the Hulmes, are leaving us tomorrow to go back to California.

They will be back for Christmas but will be missed as they are wonderful people who bring a light to our farm. Sophie has been incredibly helpful around the barn and given another one of the Kynymont Connemaras, Cody, some miles while she's been here.

Andrew's cooking will be terribly missed - along with his hilarious English tales.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by tonight and to the Hulmes: have a safe trip back to California and Sophie, you keep rockin' it out in Area VI (hopefully we'll have you jumping around Area II shortly)!


Havarah Equestrian said...

They are already very missed- off to New Jersey in the am and it was so fun to have Sophie along for the last event. Had pizza tonight...nothing like the pulled pork! Hopefully Christmas comes soon!!

Anonymous said...

I totally missed that whole live music thing. I didn't even know Stevie B played guitar.